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Researchers on a high-tech quest for the perfect nipple

By Ayai Tomisawa

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An interesting sign of the low birthrate in Japan is that nobody really cares ... as evidenced by the fact that I'm the first (and probably last) poster here.

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Pigeon Nipples, it has a nice ring to it.


as evidenced by the fact that I'm the first (and probably last) poster here.


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Okay guys, you're cracking me up! I appreciate the amount of personal research that you've obviously put into the matter. But seriously, I do think that when it comes to babies, breast is best, and I'm not sure about the morality of a company aggressively promoting its fake nipples and bottles to unsuspecting mum and babes around the world. The last paragraph just says it all.

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Tessa - You may want to step down off that moral high horse for a moment and consider that for many mothers breast feeding isn't an option all of the time.

Mothers who contract viral infections (like the 'flu) may need to buy a bottle to feed their baby for a couple of weeks until the virus clears their system.

Single mothers who need to work to support their baby will express milk for their baby to drink from a bottle later.

Mothers who get infected or blocked milk ducts and need time to recover.

Designing a nipple that is healthy and comfortable for babies is very important, and is no more morally questionable than designing prosthetic limbs.

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@Frungy, no high horse here. I'm on the side of all mums regardless of how they feed their babies. In developed countries thankfully there is very little risk of any baby dying of malnutrition, and the bottle is a wonderful option for those mothers who can't or - yes! - don't want to breastfeed (and by the way, when was the last time prosthetic limbs were available on supermarket shelves?). What concerns me is when bottles, and by extension infant formula (which is what usually goes into them), are aggressively marketed in developing nations as a superior way to nourish babies. It's sheer exploitation.

Do a search for Nestle baby milk scandal, to see where I'm coming from.

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Breastfeeding is strongly recommended in the first few months as it helps the baby's immune system develop since the mother can transfer a lot of her own bodily defenses through breast milk. Baby formula shouldn't be a constant during the early stages of the baby's life. Just my two cents.

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Zichi, your self-sacrifice is breathtaking. Don't forget to come up for air on occasion.

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Lets save everybody a whole lot of energy and money... call me and tell you my findings in the matter. I have been doing my own research for years on end and STILL going strong.

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I found out I like female nipples, that be tiny and stiff.

Feeding of natural nipple is vital for strong immune system.

Victims of torture may also be treated with female nipple touch for accelerated rehabilitation.

Note: German clean room technology provides "fat-bastard" type nipples for premature babies.

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