Restaurant cell phone distractions still irritate diners


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I am siding with the restaurants and if people don't like the rules, find another place to eat.

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People in Japan are generally polite and take their conversation outside. What irritates me is when the same polite person come back in, sits down, lights up a cigarette and blows smoke my way while I'm still eating.

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If you're more interested in your phone than the people you're having dinner with, then you're sad. But, I really don't care if people have their phones out. I mean facebook would be so boring without all the pics of people's food! Ugh.

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If I'm on a date at a restaurant and a girl answers her phone and gets into a protracted conversation with someone she obviously knows and rabbits on endlessly while ignoring me, I excuse myself from the table and leave.


She just bought dinner.

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When people I'm talking with face to face answer their phones and start yapping at the person on the other end, I leave.

But I don't have a problem with people I'm not with using their phones as long as they don't talk loudly.

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I don't have a problem with people in restaurants talking on their cellphones as long as they don't talk loudly.

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I think it is extremely rude to stay at a table when talking to someone on the phone. People should have the decency to either decline the call or excuse themselves. However, I have no problem with taking pictures because it takes just a few seconds.

It may be strange but I have a rule at my house...during dinner, my husband and I do not use our iPhones unless it is to show the other person something. We also do not watch TV while dining because we think it is a good time to just enjoy each other's company and have a good conversation.

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Nothing wrong with taking photos of food. The chef should be glad that their creation will live forever... ;-)

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