Rise in singles, who face economic costs, worry U.S. researchers


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Researchers have concluded it’s a combination of high-income men being more attractive as partners, and cohabitating boosting men’s economic fortunes.

Unlike women, men are forced into professions of little interest but higher pay to support a family. The stress from this economic slavery is enormous and explains why many men smarter than me avoid the trap altogether.

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This is just encouraging married women without young children to just spend afternoons gossiping with other obasans in cafes instead of looking for a job to chip in financially.

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More & more men have recognized that marriage is simply a huge risk, more & more are simply deciding to never marry, makes perfect sense given the divorce rates & how family courts fleece men etc.

Many married men also are at best content, many arent happy but they sure love their kids, the know their wives can at any moment divorce them & cash in & make their lives miserable so they have to walk on egg shells.

Also men who opt out know they simply DONT need to make as much $$$ to be happy & live a good life so many can find work that is less stressful, more enjoyable

Its easy to see why men are walking away from marriage, the odds of success there is 40% at best & most of those in that 40% are as I described above, maybe content & hoping the wife wont divorce them

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Tinder is a part of it, but whether that makes men happier is debatable. I have 3 older (50s)male friends who now regret never having married or having kids. It was fun when they were young, but those days are now gone.

A separate factor is that women are now better educated than men while at the same time hanging on to outdated ideas that they should marry someone who is at least as educated as themselves.

The stats also show that certain men marry several times, while others never do. This accounts for some of the disparity in partner rates between the sexes. IOW the more desirable men are gaining what less desirable men aren’t able to.

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@BB: The Cow analogy is fitting especially in America. Stats prove it all around.

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