Sail training ship Nippon Maru: A must-add to your Yokohama itinerary

By Lucy Dayman

Yokohama, Tokyo’s bayside sibling city, is technically the second biggest city in Japan and is filled with countless attractions. From the Cup Noodles Museum, Minato Mirai, and Chinatown, there’s so much to see and do in Yokohama. The Nippon Maru and Yokohama Port Museum is another stop to add to your ‘must-visit’ list.

A Brief History of the Nippon Maru


The Nippon Maru was built in 1930 as a training ship for Japanese cadets. During her lifetime, the Nippon Maru clocked some rather impressive numbers; she served a total of 11,500 cadets and sailed the equivalent of 45.5 trips around the globe, clocking in an impressive 1,830,000 kilometers.

In 1984, at the still spritely—at least by Japanese standards—age of 54, the Nippon Maru was retired as a training ship. She soon found a permanent home here on the sparkling waters of Minato Mirai where she remains to this day in her almost luminescent-white glory.

The Nippon Maru Today


Visitors are welcome to hop aboard the decks of the Nippon Maru most days of the week. While you’re exploring the ins and outs of the almost 100-meter-long ship, you’ll bump into one of Nippon Maru’s volunteer tour guides. In fact, many of the guides aboard the ship were once cadets. This fact makes the visit all that more enriching knowing that you’re exploring the Nippon Maru with someone who knows just what it was like to live and breath this beautiful vessel.

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I visited it with my 6 yo son and he really enjoyed it. A nice hour to tour it is very enjoyable.

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She was parked at Harumi dock a couple of month ago.

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I was in Yokohama a couple of months ago, I'd also like to recommend visiting the 1929 ocean liner Hikawa Maru. Beautifully preserved and presented, the engine "room" (more like a three-storey building) particularly impressive.

Saw the Nippon Maru only on our way back to the station after a long and tiring (but really enjoyable) day. Very impressive from the outside, we'll see her next time. Yokohama is a fabulous place to visit.

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