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Sakura Drone Project provides free sakura backgrounds, virtual hanami and more

By Ben K, grape Japan

While some people may try to find socially distant ways of enjoying cherry blossoms this year, the pandemic has put the kibosh on the typically crowded hanami (flower-viewing, often while picnicking under the cherry blossoms).

Online Cherry Blossom Broadcast: March 27

But thankfully, technology now provides the means to enjoy hanami virtually.

On Saturday, Drone Entertainment Inc will hold an "Online Cherry Blossom Viewing" event on YouTube, which can be enjoyed anywhere in the world. The broadcast will weave together 4K aerial footage from the Cherry Blossom Drone Project 2020, which was featured on Japanese TV last year and became a hot topic on social media, and expertly-piloted live 4K drone views of this year's cherry blossoms.

Gorgeous sakura backdrops, all free to use

You can download wallpapers of famous cherry blossom viewing spots carefully selected from all over Japan, such as Yoshino Mountain in Nara Prefecture and Shikundo Mountain in Kagawa Prefecture.

In addition to still images, video versions will also be available in the future. You can use this service to enjoy an "online hanami" with your friends or family, or for web conferences during the hanami season, depending on your preference.

Download free sakura background images here.

Various ways of enjoying online hanami

Finally, cherry blossoms are in full bloom and it's hanami season.

Whether you enjoy it with celebrities and YouTubers who broadcast live cherry blossom videos, or with your friends using Zoom or LINE, anyone can make a toast while watching the cherry blossoms!

In case you didn't know it, March 27 in Japan was officially registered as "Online Hanami Day" by the Japan Anniversary Association, so if you want to participate in livening up the mood, you can add #オンライン花見の日 (Online Hanami Day) and #オンライン花見 (online hanami) to your social media posts.

Watch Together in LINE

If you use LNE, you can enjoy online hanami with your friends and family by using the "Watch Together" screen-sharing function. Just create a group, post a link to the Online Hanami broadcast displayed above, and begin sharing.

Image: PR Times

Special service for YouTubers

If you're a YouTuber, Drone Entertainment, Inc. provides free cherry blossom videos for your channel. Upon request, they'll select the best cherry blossoms from 50 locations in 40 prefectures, so you can enjoy online cherry blossom viewing with your fans.

Image: PR Times

In-store attraction or viewing at the office

By using a projector to project images provided by Drone Entertainment Inc, companies and customer-facing businesses can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at the office or within stores. It can also be used in waiting areas or as interior decoration.

Image: PR Times

Special event: TSUTAYA Ohanami Lounge

Drone Entertainment, Inc. is collaborating with TSUTAYA on a "TSUTAYA Ohanami Lounge," where you can enjoy a coffee or other beverage of your choice while watching cherry blossom images.

Image: PR Times

TSUTAYA Ohanami Lounge:

TSUTAYA Shindou Higashi Ekimae Branch (Sapporo City, Hokkaido): April 30 (Fri.) - May 2 (Sun.)

TSUTAYA Tamachi Ekimae Branch (Minato-ku, Tokyo): March 25 (Thursday) - 28 (Sunday)

TSUTAYA Makino High School Store (Hirakata City, Osaka): March 28 (Sun), April 3 (Sat) - 4 (Sun)

1,000 hours continuous live streaming of hanami videos from all over Japan

In fact, it's already started! In preparation for March 27, the company has begun a 1,000 hours continuous live streaming of hanami videos from all over Japan, featuring beautiful images of cherry blossoms shot in 2020 at 50 locations in 40 prefectures with the cooperation of many local governments.

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