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Saltybe owner Takumaru Yoshida at the workshop Photo: LUcy Dayman

Saltybe sea salt making workshop: A unique experience in Kochi


Sightseeing in the remote prefecture of Kochi is unforgettable. But to understand and appreciate the culture of this naturally diverse area, you’ve got to be ready to roll up those sleeves and get to work with some of the area’s most passionate producers.

Looking out onto the rugged, rocky coastline of Kuroshio, on the southeastern corner of Kochi Prefecture just 15-minutes’ drive north of central Shimanto, is Saltybe, a salt-making workshop with incredible views, wonderful culinary experiences, and hosts that embody that warm Kochi hospitality.

A family-run affair, Saltybe specializes in what they call Tosa no Shiomaru, also known as “sunshine salt.” This is a pure form of sea salt naturally sourced directly from the sea and harvested using only sunlight, patience and good, old-fashioned manual labor.

Saltybe’s methods may be traditional, but with a penchant for collaboration and willingness to open themselves up to the public, their ideologies are not. It’s run by Takumaru Yoshida and is one of the very few salt producing workshops open to the public. It is here you can watch it all in action with the beautiful backdrop of the crashing ocean waves.

The salt-making process

The salt water is pumped through a network of tubes that reach out into the sea just meters from the humble production plant. From there, it runs through a drip-processing system, which separates the seawater from the salt, before making its way to the drying room.

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