Science proves high heels do have power over men


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Underneath all those seeming sophistication, we are still running cavemen software 1.0

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I wear high heels daily. It completes an outfit and makes you feel feminine by literally transforming your physical appearance, sculpturing and enhancing the female body. When you have the heels it makes your legs look better, taller and gives you a better figure. They shape you, just a bit more feminine like the curves. Heels act as a marker of maturity and being able to walk in it is not only a achievement of femininity but also a sign of class and success. So heels matter to women and what they might represent in terms of empowerment or oppression.

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Science proves high heels do have power over men

Only when they step on us. High heels hurt. Mass focused on a small surface area creates more pressure, if my poor memory of physics recalls correctly. The fact that I just misspelled physics eight times in a row doesn't help me though, but that's another story.

The study found if a woman drops a glove on the street while wearing heels, she’s almost 50% more likely to have a man fetch it for her than if she’s wearing flats.

You don't say? No duh Sherlock! It's got nothing to do with having power over us. There's nothing more awkward than seeing someone in high heels try to bend over without breaking a heel and falling flat on her face. For us or for the woman. Half of the women I see in high heels can barely walk in them. I don't help them out because I'm attracted to them, I help them out because picking up a glove or a set of keys is much easier on my back than picking up a person who made a bizarre choice not to don suitable footwear before heading outside. That's all there is to it. Personally I hate the very sight of high heels. I'd rather see a girl show up for a date wearing a pair of trainers (or sneakers if you use that term) than a pair of stiletto heels.

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High heels certainly have power over me. I've done empirical research, and the result was they get me going. But there have to be ladies' feet in them.

I'm an altocalciphiliac.

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ladies who wear high heels on a daily basis will eventually pay the consequences with ugly bunions and other feet deformities; at least business will be guaranteed for podiatrists.

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While I agree they make ladies' legs appear longer, I wouldn't say it makes any difference to me. I'm not really in the habit of staring at women's legs, lol

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I'm not really in the habit of staring at women's legs, lol

Ya should at least compliment them of their shoes. It's appreciated.

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"Raised shoes have an unglamorous beginning: worn first by Egyptian butchers, who donned platforms to avoid treading in bloody offal."

Good grief!

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....donned platforms to avoid treading in bloody offal."

That's bloody awful!

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What is mysoginistic about men admiring beautiful women? I think the feminists that object to this are hypocrits.

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Not ashamed to say that a woman with high heels matched with a nice body hugging skirt / dress certainly has power over me. Leaves me practically defenseless I have " science" to back me up.

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Power to make us vomit. Yeah, "jutting buttocks". I guess if that is what you are looking for, this would be your thing.

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@scipanthiest: Well, some people do prefer that a woman has a lot of junk in their trunk, so high heels must be a Godsend for them. Personally, I'm not looking for that kind of trunk space on a late model Taurus.

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