See how technology has changed Japan at this new Tokyo exhibit

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By Jessica Esa

Starting at the beginning of the Meiji era, this special exhibition traces how science and technological development has changed Japan since 1868. Running until March 3, 2019, you’ll have plenty of time to catch this fun event at the National Museum of Nature and Science.

The path is designed like a timeline as you make your way from past to present with the exhibits getting increasingly more impressive as you go. Starting from educational reform where western science was prioritized and new units of measurement were developed (which includes some fascinating posters, original books, and rulers), the path leads you to the invention of computers, basic robots, and seismic design to protect against future disasters. Suddenly you find yourself reliving the history of Japan and the many changes it went through.


Towards the end of the exhibit, you’ll find things like a Walkman and VHS players which clearly look like they belong in a museum despite you having probably owned one seemingly not so long ago (ouch).

What is great about the exhibit?

Some of the many highlights of the exhibition include vintage cars from Meiji Era Japan (these are beautiful!), the presence of a penny, farthing, which I had never seen before, and a display of home electrical devices which wouldn’t look out of place in a retro sci-fi movie.

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The Edo-Tokyo History Museum has a similar setup at the end of their display. But if this is larger and more detailed, then I definitely want to check it out.

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