Selfie madness: Too many dying to get the picture

By Matt Siegel

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This kind of strengthens the gene pool doesn't it?

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thought 'selfie' was a stupid-sounding euphemism for 'self gratification'.

Ah, the days I come off as correct. Sorry though for these lonely folk with no friends who do themselves in public.

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@AJSPeikaiwa "thought 'selfie' was a stupid-sounding euphemism for 'self gratification'.

...and a sign of mental disorder.

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Narcissism can be fatal.

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Many people take selfies to show off certain activities or places. But what they are unaware of is that the dangers can last longer than they think especially if they are unable to see the signs. In other words you have to be cautious about the information you share about the selfie in public like giving away information of time, place, and names of people you usually hang out with if you post a selfie on the internet because you are also letting others know how your friends and family look like. So in the end you have be much more careful of the criminal element and consider ways of protecting yourself against the consequences of sharing too much information online.

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Got to go with stragerland on this one. I consider myself a kind and sympathetic person, don't like to laugh at the misfortunes of others, but darwin is proven very correct with this news.

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I wonder if that Australian girl that fell 2000ft off the trolls tongue in Norway was taking a selfie when she lost her balance. As for the other stories in the article, they have to learn to press the camera shutter, not pull the trigger. Cant be that difficult.

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