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Sendai jewelry company reinvents Edo kiriko glass-making tradition

By George Lloyd, grape Japan

Kawasho Jewel Kiriko is a Sendai-based company that is looking for crowdfunding that will allow it to use kiriko, a tradition of glass-making that dates back to the Edo period, to make modern jewelry.


Traditionally, Edo kiriko glass was used to make decorative kitchenware, such as plates, tumblers and vases (the kiriko is the facet of a jewel). Company representative Masahiro Ogawa says that his company was inspired to turn kiriko into jewelry by a desire to fuse traditional and modern Japanese aesthetics.

“When I see beautiful everyday things, I want to wear it on my skin every day, and when I see something that sparkles as much as kiriko sparkles, I want to make, what?... Traditionally, Japanese kiriko crafts are mostly used to make dishes, cups, and vases. But what if you could feel the Japanese aesthetics through jewelry? What fun that would be!”


Masahiro Ogawa says that the company is also hoping that its kiriko project will help to revitalise Sendai, a city that was hard hit by the Great Tohoku Earthquake of 2011.


Jewel Kiriko is looking to raise 300,000 yen by Wednesday, January 15, 2020, and has some enticing offers to bring in custom. A limited edition Makuake catalogue can be yours for ¥4,785 and comes with a coupon that entitles you to 20% off future purchases. If you take advantage of the company’s ‘super early discount,’ you can get an exquisite Sarasa pink bangle for 60,500 yen, which is 33% off the retail price. Other kiriko jewelry available includes a pin brooch (12,584 yen), navy blue necklace (17,435 yen), pair of red and gold earrings (19,250 yen) and sky-blue charm bracelet (22,385 yen).

For more information, see the crowdfunding page.

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