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Sex and marriage with robots: science fiction or new reality?


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Japanese fertility rate nosedives ...

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Put me down for a Maria Ozawa model.

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The “Kissenger”

When I hear his name, sex is the farthest thing from my mind, Yuck!

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Sex with robots is “just around the corner”, an expert told a global conference in London last week featuring interactive sex toys and discussions on the ethics of relationships with humanoids.

As opposed to what? We have blow-up dolls, dildos, and vibrators. If you look at what's out there in the market, Sex with robots is nothing

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sensei258: When I hear his name, sex is the farthest thing from my mind, Yuck!

I guess you're not in the target market, then. Some people like 'bears'.

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Soon what's in between your legs will be obsolete, then you'll need a new approach to try and run the world and tinker with men's minds.

LOL, am guessing you'll be first in line to get one huh?

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Robots of the future will be “patient, kind, protective, loving”, never “jealous, boastful, arrogant, rude,” Levy said—“unless of course you want them to be”.

Then later...

In his vision, robot parents could become a social norm, with laws to acknowledge “robot personhood” and make marriage and parenting by humanoids more than just a fantasy.

It sounds like Levy is letting his, -ahem- enthusiasm for the topic get the better of him, because he's missed a pretty serious ethical issue here.

If AI technology develops to the point where we can discuss robot personhood (lets leave aside discussions of if this is possible for the moment), then by definition, the AI must be free to make its own decisions for itself. That means programming it to have the kind of personality its user wants goes right out the window. Also, the moment a sexbot AI becomes a person then the issue of consent enters the picture. How is a customer going to react when a gynoid they just dropped $50,000 on to use as a perfect sex slave decides it doesn't want to have sex with the customer? If the robot is a person, they can't just reprogram it to force it to change its mind. And if your sexbot is a person, that means you're now in a relationship with it and relationships go two ways. If the customer is so self-centered and inept that they have nothing to offer a biological human being with a real hormone-driven sex drive and everything, what are they going to have to offer a functionally immortal, physically "perfect", artificial person?

Humans want sexual relationships, but they also want fulfilling emotional relationships. The moment you start trying to force the former, you poison the latter, and the moment you give up on the latter, you sabotage the former. This dilemma has been part of human relationships since the dawn of civilization and building robots isn't going to solve it.

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I did not see any men robots in the picture. Why?

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@MSD, already exist, they are called 'dildos'.

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Let's hope they get the AI programs correctly. What if the input command was "j#2k it off', then rrrrripp?

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You notice that the first one on the left in cosplaying as Hestia from "DanMachi"?

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MsDelicious: I did not see any men robots in the picture. Why?

It's discrimination! :(

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Uh, yeah! And what will you be doing: jumping through hoops, bending over backwards, rolling over like a puppy, telling yourself it's love that you really want when it's actually the pussycat you're after. And if you perform well you might get "rewarded".

LOL, who the hell did you run into?

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In the news the other week its been noted that some high end love dolls have been stopped and impounded at British customs, why you may ask, well the customs thought that these high end internal steel framed silicone love dolls were very small possibly only a 1 meter to b1.3 meters tall looked very "child like" thus contravening child protection laws,,,, it was claimed that these love dolls were costing around £6000 or more, I wonder how many owners have has asked for them to be sent onto them??

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I can see them being used as an enhancer for couples trying out a safe threesome, etc. Can't wait to see what is brought to market

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Shouldn't only be girls-dolls in the photo. Some girls like boys you know, and some boys like boys too.

It all seems a bit obsolete for me.

I suppose people will still be able to use hand-held electronic massagers for their shoulders, though there might be a few unemployed rabbits.

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Too much emphasis on pleasure! Sex abuse slavery is part of an overwhelming feeling for overtime working people's in Asian Countries. Artificial intelligence is the future.

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How does it even arrive to this point?

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How does it even arrive to this point?

You seem surprised.

This is the natural progression of things.

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