Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll: Australia's other boom

By James Grubel

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Doing drugs in australia (not including pot) is a very expensive habit to take up. This article doesn't surprise me in the least. To give you an example an 3.5 grams of coke would probably go for around $900. If your in the US you could probably get it for around $100-$150 (maybe even cheaper). So of course this is going to attract international attention.

When I was 18 (and less responsible) I could spend up to $300-$400 on a saturday night just on club entry fees, cabs and drinks. I had a good paying job so I could keep this up from weekend to weekend. Then I grew up and realised I was an idiot ha-ha.

Now you have 18 year olds making 5 times what I was making if they work at the mines. They come home from 3 weeks of work with around 6-9k in their pocket. Our binge drinking and drug problems are only going to get worse for sure.

It's a strange problem to have and i don't think anyone knows how to tackle it. Oh btw, cabs are around the same price as japanese cabs.

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It should be learned that outlawing anything doesn't stop whatever it is. As long as a demand exists for something, a supply will provide itself.

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Time to legalize drugs in Australia!

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i did a hamburger for lunch here the other day in Perth, chips were extra cost..the burger alone cost $25.00..

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a beer will cost $10.00

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Living in Australia now is the opposite to what Japan was in the late 80s, you could make good money there but it was expensive, The difference is although you get paid well now in Australia you taxed heavily.

Unemployment rates are almost the same now in both countries, Japan doing well considering they have had over two decades of negative growth. Australia also not bad considering the amount of handouts easily given.

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We love our parties here in Australia. We all throw in and hire an empty factory or aircraft hangar, push the stupid planes out, hire some nice girls, a rock & roll band or two, a few beer tanker trucks and five cows on the barbie....advertise it on Facebook. Four day Party. thousands of new on...Australian style.

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