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Sexy undies yes, G-strings no, say French women


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Doesn't matter in Japan because Japanese women love their granny panties.

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For the bare truth, she said, is that most women’s bodies are “absolutely not” suited to the G-string. “It wedges up into your bottom, and does nothing at all for the figure.”

There are a couple of continents with women of African or Latino descent that would make this statement false.

I would probably assume that the women she are referring to are either out of shape in someway, have no shape at all or really skinny. The later being considered a sign of beauty for the last century in Europe. Of course, clothing that give some kind of illusion of something being there that isn't is undesirable. (ie. push up bra)

My suggestion would be to promote exercise/healthy living and make the body they want. Healthy bodies can make most outfits looks good.

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Oops, I mean that don't give the illusion of something being there that isn't is undesirable. That is why there are push up bras and butt padding out there. They want to cater to the lazy.

Exercise will work miracles.

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Exercise will work miracles.

Wot u mean like, work out and eat less calories than you consume? Madness, just pure madness!!! ;)

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French women are confused.

They don't have to wear the g-string all the time.

They could keep one or two in their underwear collection to wear when it's time to play.

Japanese women whom I've bought g-strings for have (after the initial giggling and feigned reluctance dies down) been delighted to put them on... usually it's the first time they've tried one on.

They love to check themselves out in the mirror... it's all very fun!

Much better than some snooty French woman snarling "Non!"

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I just hope there was another picture ... that designer's face is just ... scary.

Underwear will still evolve, g-strings might be losing it's appeal, but it won't die out. There was also the c-string (although I have no information if that one actually took off)

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Gee "choiwaruoyaji," how many G-strings have you bought? Sounds like you are hitting 100% on your babes wearing them. My first problem would be walking into Victoria's Secret and buying a G-string. My next would probably be finding somebody to try them on ... and in front of me ... I might not have your luck, sweet-talking way or whatever it takes.

As for my preference, I don't care ... as long as the filled-out undies look sexy ... And, when it looks like there's nothing underneath (as happens sometimes), then this tends to get my attention.

As for the photo above ... wonder why the lens is concentrated on the faces ... and not the part of the body being talked about?

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Wedged up? Perhaps those complaining need to buy a bigger size! I find them comfortable and practical. Pet peeve is seeing panty lines on women in tight pants - Japan is a shocker in this dept. The underwear here is hideous. Granny panties and padded bras. Nothing sexy about either of them. Add in the "kawaiiiiii" designs... no wonder J guys aren't interested.

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I as a man don't care much either way G-string, T-back, etc they all come off the same way.

Said that It takes certain looking woman to make a g-string, etc look good/sexy and most that wear those don't have the body/etc for it. The garment alone won't make you look sexy.

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"...and does nothing at all for the figure.”

God forbid we men know what we are getting into. I can't say I have ever thrown a woman out of bed for deceiving me, but I don't call them again. Would have been better for them to have gone out with someone else, someone who appreciates them for them, rather than fool me and waste both my time and theirs.

If the g-string lets us have an idea of what we are getting, I am all for it.

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Guess you gals can't take a tongue in cheek comment. Personally never understood why guys liked the butt-floss. ;)

Best part of the fun is the undressing, show too much to soon and the fun goes away early.

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Doesn't have to be a g-string to be sexy. There are all sorts that you can choose. Just make sure you can' t see those ugly panty lines that women here seem to like showing. THAT is tacky and very un-sexy and doesn't look remotely nice on skinny rears.

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i only make my wife wear thongs.. the only thing I have control of in our marriage, ha!

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Possibly the worst.ever.photo chosen to represent a "story" japantoday.

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Guerin predicts the G-string’s share of the market will crumble further.

I love people who make predictions on what they want to happen.

In my humble opinion, as long as there are men who like women to wear them, there will be women who will want to wear them. (And yes, as long as there are women who like women to etc etc).

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A sad sad day for men everywhere. The granny panty revival is upon us...

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in the 90`s were the slender french woman

2010`s nice brazilian curbs,,,and with G-strings,,,,god help us!!

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so the french wear that australlian brand "no knickers"? :p

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what?! lol just wear what u wanna wear screw other ppl's view -_-#

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lol! photo scares me not the g strings

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Getting a little personal here, but whatever - I only ever wear Gstrings. I have worn them for so many years now I cant even wear ordinary knickers. They are just not comfortable. If you have a good quality G string (T back? I thought they were the same thing?) then they are very very comfortable, no VPL issues, perfect.

The undies here are pretty shocking. I get them all from Victorias Secret online or have them sent over from home. I have noticed in recent years though that the choice of G strings is going down, and many more people are wearing the boxer style. I only wear those when I go skiing for when I fall on my ass! And the bras! LOVE it!!! Im a pretty good size here! Was kind of sad the day I discovered they bump up Japanese bras by at least a couple of cup sizes compared to back home just to make people feel better about themselves! So a D here would be a B/C back home, and so on!

Even when I was pregnant (sorry guys, I know horrible image here!) I wore maternity G-strings. You cant get them here but again I had them sent over and they caused quite the commotion at the maternity clinic!

The day i wear granny pants will probably be the day I am actually a granny! But no, even then, I like the idea of being the only woman in the nursing home in a G-string! Yeow!!!

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Just want to add - my friends and I regularly walk around the shops shaking our heads and saying to ourselves no wonder there is a birthrate issue in Japan. Would be a VERY interesting study I must say - how many children do you have and what kind of underwear do you wear? I have three! OK - you know what - Im switching to granny pants!

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granny pants and tights......absolute passion killers!...i guess i had high expectations before they removed their mini skirts......what goes up must come down!!....no thanks to their taste in underwear....it was more a case of what when on had to come off ...sexual desires were being destroyed!!

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...and on the subject of underwear......why do mail order catalogues in japan only use western models for the undies section?.....just a casual observation i have made of course!!!

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Hey!.....Chantal Thomas looks like the spitting image of Mr Incredibles costume designer..."No capes!!"

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I actually work part time at a lingerie shop in Paris, and it really is true, most of my clients prefer to buy the 'shortie' to the string, although tonga styles sell quite well. An advantage of the shortie is that many of them have porte-jartelles integrated, so they are still very sexy when teamed with stockings. Also, with a string, often the client has to take a size bigger than their clothes size, which is relatively normal, but then they are so shocked, they refuse to buy it!

I also agree with most of the comments about underwear in Japanese shops...passion killers much? I'm in the middle of a masters degree, and was always hoping to follow the PHD > Professor route, but I may just take my new lingerie skills over to Japan, open a beautiful store and get these women to enjoy their feminity to the fullest!

Finally, that is not a great picture of Chantal Thomass, but her creations are absolutely divine - search for her page on facebook to see some examples!

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Personally, I enjoy wearing thongs better than gstrings. Not a comfort thing, just I don't think I have quite the figure for them.. I think someone a little longer torsoed with absolutely no extra body weight looks better in them.. So for me, thongs or the lace shortie ones -not the boy shorts tho.. I dunno what the lace shortie ones are, but they come up a lot higher than the boy shorts that are lower around the thigh. I think that only accentuates thighs to make them look larger, but the nice lace shortie ones accentuate the butt better and I think draw a lot of nice attention there in a way that other types of underpinnings don't.. ... kapiche? o.0 Am I making any sense? Any other ladies out there agree? lol. In any case, better to shop for your body type and be able to pull it off looking hot than not. ; )

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i prefer it when women wear practical and cute underwear. "sexy" underwear tends to generate complaints from the wearer after a few hours and fouls their mood. besides by the time i see it to appreciate its sexiness its going to come off in a few minutes.

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