Shop gives away periodicals for free


Only Free Paper, a newly opened shop in Shibuya, is offering hundreds of giveaway periodicals ranging from anime-car mag Itasha-Do to the Waseda student-produced Cue.

The shop was created by Kouta Ishizaki, a former salaryman with a longstanding love of free magazines and the incredible array of content they carry. His goals, he explains, were twofold: to get people passionate about paper-and-ink publications, and to gather as many magazines as possible in one place.

The result is a small, gallery-like space filled with almost 400 gratis magazines, in addition to Ishizaki’s own collection, which is available to browse in-store.

Though the “shop” currently brings in zero revenue, Ishizaki has plans to rent out the room as a gallery or event space.

1-22-11 Shibuya. Open Wed-Mon 11 a.m.-8 p.m., closed Tuesdays.

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Cool! Hope he is able to rent out the space before he goes broke using up his savings! I imagine renting a space in Shibuya is pretty expensive.

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The question I have: Zero revenue, but is there an underlying business relationship with the publishers of these free magazines?

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So he is not giving away periodicals for free, as the headline states, but rather giving away free periodicals...

Neat idea, hard to "monetize"...

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He could put paid advertisements all over the shop walls, and then call himself the "SourceForge" of magazines.

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It is almost a koan question: Is a shop that gives away its items for free a shop?

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I think they would make money from advertising. I hope not the magazines littered with ads.

I like this Idea.

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