Snails face: Beauty treatment offers slime power


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The snails alone cost 10,500 yen.

There's one born every minute.

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They believe it & therefore it works? Suckers...

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Slime treatment. Ok, who would want to see their girl friend or wife take one of these treatments? Maybe film it for the kids?

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Snails, shmails. And why does this remind me of leeches...

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I'm thinking of starting a similar business, except after the treatment, for an extra 10,000 yen I'll cook your snail for you and call it French cuisine.

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snail treatments have been around for a while - at least in the form of creams etc containing snail juice.

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This is another fad that will soon fade away. I remember long ago, some women in Japan would ingest tapeworms in order to maintain a slim line. This is extremely dangerous, but some people I spoke with didn't see it as a bad thing, obviously, they don't know what kind of damage the worm is doing inside your body. Ill bet if mosquito bites were proven to make your skin smooth and subtle women would sit outside all night letting those bloodsuckers attack them, yeah, it itches like crazy, but as long as I can look beautifull. Jeez, are people THAT gullible?

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There is no evidence whatsoever that snails helps remove old cells or moisturise the skin!!! These are sellers of illusions and should drown the attention of the local authorities...!!!

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They forgot to mention that snail slime contains dangerous parasites that can and do infect humans. Here's a link

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Look at th back of any cosmetics bottle. You will find it contains "Aqua" (water?!), and "Parfum" (Perfume) and now it appears essence of "escargot" (snail!) I love how the food and beauty industry put anything they dont want to admit to into another language. Do they really think we are that stupid?!

But my personal favorite right now is something I am seeing on labels everywhere here in the US - "evaporated organic raw cane juice" - so...erm....sugar then, right?! Sugar is a dirty word here now because of all the diabetes etc etc, so they dont want to admit to it, and somehow think we will all be fooled by "evaporated cane juice".

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I buy up lots of snail cream on my shopping trips to S. Korea. It's quite good.

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I heard that the Oregon slugs have the same slim

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