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Solo activities grow in popularity among women seeking independence


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Wonderful! Even though I have a partner, I regularly go out by myself to lunch/dinner, movies, the beach, parks, walking, sightseeing, shopping, and even traveling abroad. I've even gone to bars alone, but I always make sure to chose the types of places where you can have a quiet drink without being bothered by anyone.

I don't see why I should stay home alone or avoid doing the things I like just because I don't happen to have anyone to go with at that time. I go where I want to go, and do what I want to do - I just make sure to have a podcast to listen to or a book to read, and I can enjoy myself for hours. The only negative is that when dining alone, you can't steal food off your friend's plates. LOL.

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Reckless: Not all solo women aren’t married. I’m married with 2 kids and also enjoy having my me time by traveling or dining solo. Luckily my husband understands and is supportive to that. Do you allow the same for your wife?

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It is uncommon for Japanese indeed but totally natural to many countries where women rights are respected.

Problem is starting solo, staying solo forever in Japan...

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I think the point is beyond the eating solo thing.

As I see it, in Japan hanging out with other people is not only a moment of joy and pleasure and friendship, but also a moment where you have to care about 上下関係 and thus (more than in the West) always be careful to what you say and how you say it.

I think this is the reason why a lot of Japanese prefer to stay at home rather than going out, or why you see all those restaurants with seats for people who are eating alone.

I am totally supportive of the independence of both men and women who are comfortable travelling or going out alone (I do this myself), but I think that in Japan the issue has a bigger perspective and is a matter of society and societal norms, which kind of make the individual feel the pressure of relationships, thus making him/her want to spend time alone.

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