In land of sushi, squid moves out of reach

By Mari Saito

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Squid will now be a dish for upscale restaurants, soon to be only for the one percent! Wow! Add in A few more other species too. I just loved Yujiro Akastuka’s Japanese “logic” of “just because we are not catching enough, we need to lower catch limits!” Spoken like a TRUE conservative! What a leader! You would THINK that maybe because we can catch enough, that there might not be enough to catch and maybe we NEED to lower limits and quotas to allow them to come back, but sadly Japanese bureaucrats are too stupid to realize this fact!

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Overfishing? In Japan? Where recreational fisherman catch the tiniest of baby fish and there are jo limits, size limits.

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"It isn't scientific to simply say that because squid isn't being caught, we need to lower the catch limits, when we don't have the scientific backing to justify that," said Yujiro Akatsuka, assistant director of the agency's resources management promotion office.

It may not be scientific but it is common sense to lower catch limits.

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Frigging IDIOTS all round except for one guy who has been harping about the raping of the oceans around Japan

So add squid to the ever growing list of species being insanely overfished like of course, tuna, eel, octopus & many others

The stupidity is overwhelming!!

Next will be sanma  in all likelihood!

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The inevitable result of overfishing and climate change, I'm afraid.

The further problem is that what's left in the world's oceans will go to the highest bidder, and that is not necessarily Japan any more.

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As recently as 2011, fishermen in Japan were hauling in more than 200,000 tons of flying squid a year. That number had fallen by three-quarters to 53,000 tons last year, the lowest harvest since Japan's national fisheries cooperative started keeping records more than 30 years ago. Japanese researchers say they expect catches of flying squid to be even smaller this year.

That's a fishery in collapse and requires an immediate moratorium should they wish it to ever recover. We had to do that on our east coast fishery in Canada, and it took decades to get better.

We have to learn to treat the planet better and not be a mindless vacuum cleaner

Fish are expected to collapse worldwide due to overfishing by 2048. We're not living within our means

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Every week I fly back from Tokyo to my home in the south of Tottori.

Because it is an evening flight, approaching over the seas of West Japan, the first visual sign as we turn in to the west coast is not the harbor lights but the brilliant luminescence of Squid lights, hung from scores of fishing vessels in order to attract the squid.

I know times are tough but the constant harvesting at the observed level results in the depopulation of a species.

I hope that there will be an awakening in the near future that for the sake of the generations that succeed us, we need to give back what we take.

In the UK there are eel farms that work with ecologists to make sure that we can return the gift that is given to us. I think there is the dawning of awareness here but it will take time. Hopefully before the extinction of the squid.

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Counterintuitively the only way to increase catches is to stop fishing. The stocks will recover, but then the Chinese and North Koreans will just steal it!

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Need thing like laws and an enforcement treaty between Koreas China Japan and others for a global moratorium for a variety of species not just squid. Include fines and sanctions for cheaters as well as boat impounding.

Without cooperation, the lack of conservation just means it's all going to go

But the parties are unwilling so go it will

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It will only take stories like this - concrete evidence that diretly effects the ECONOMY - to make governments take responsitibily for the critical issues related direcly to over consumption and climate change (which is ultimately a result of over consumption itself).

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