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Standing up to pee 'a matter of honor' for one man

By Philip Kendall

No matter how much you love someone, once you start living with them, minor irritations are bound to come to the surface. The object of your affections – that perfect specimen of a human being whose every movement used to be cute, sexy or endearing in some way – suddenly becomes just another person with flaws of their own. Perhaps they slurp their coffee too loudly. Maybe they have a habit of leaving hair in the plug-hole or not changing the toilet roll when the old one is finished. These minor issues are the kind of thing that we only come to notice after the initial “honeymoon” dating period when we were always dressed to impress and only have to keep our bad habits in check for the duration of a single evening at a time.

In a recent story about marital relations, Japanese website News Post Seven heard from both relationship experts and a number of married women who were distinctly irked by their husbands’ bad habits. While issues such as of a general lack of help with the housework or cooking frequently cropped up as the cause of arguments and unhappiness, one of the most common complaints made was of husbands making as mess while peeing. Told to take a seat, however, one Japanese man was seemingly morally offended by the mere suggestion, stating that to pee standing up is “a matter of honor.”

“No matter how many times I tell him, he just doesn’t listen!” fumed 44-year-old housewife Miyako Suzuki, who claims that her husband always leaves the toilet seat up or forgets to close the lid after answering the call of nature.

But it’s not just that minor inconvenience that tests her patience: ”There’s always pee on the floor around the toilet, and yet he acts like it’s no big deal. At first I thought he probably just didn’t notice, but it smells! It’s filthy. I tell my 5-year-old son to take a step forward before doing a number one, but I can’t say the same to my husband. If I do, it ends in an argument and him saying, ‘You think I’m so old that I can’t even pee straight!?’”

I can’t help but empathize with Mrs Suzuki here. Accidents do happen, but I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve walked into public restrooms here in Japan and found the floor in front of every single urinal doused with off-target urine. As a result, I pee into the urinal from almost a foot away like I’m taking part in some kind of horrendous post-apocalyptic Olympic Games. I can’t help but wonder the exact same thing as Mrs Suzuki: “Why the hell can’t these guys just take half a step forward before doing their business?”

But when he won’t even step a little closer to the plate, we’re not in the least bit surprised to hear that Mrs Suzuki asking her husband to sit down to pee didn’t go down well. What we didn’t expect, however, was for him to bring issues of male pride and national identity into the argument:

“‘When I told him ‘You make a mess when you pee standing up, so could you sit down when you do it?’ he absolutely refuses, saying ‘I’m a Japanese-born male. It’s a matter of honor.’ I can’t believe how proud he is about something so trivial. This is an issue of ‘privates,’ not ‘pride.’”

Should we men swallow our pride and take a seat for number one? Is Mr Suzuki right in feeling that sitting down to take a Jimmy Riddle would be entirely emasculating?

For now, I’ll leave you with a single line of verse that I once saw scrawled on the wall of the little boys’ room when I was just a kid. It’s hardly the finest piece of poetry ever penned, but it’s always steered me right, and I’m sure it will you.

“If you sprinkle while you tinkle, please be sweet and wipe the seat.”

May your aim be straight and true, gentlemen.

Source: News ポストセブン

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If a woman is stupid enough to marry a man who finds it essential for his ego to pee standing up, deserves no better..... its as simple as that.

-16 ( +11 / -27 )

To be honest, I get a bit tired with the the Japanese obsession for the minutiae of daily life.

On Japanese TV or in print, it's always a discussion about something ridiculously trivial... why on earth would any non-Japanese person have an interest in this silly couple's arguments about the toilet.

16 ( +25 / -9 )

It is disgusting the splatter caused by men peeing from 4 feet up into water in a toilet.. that is why there should be separate toilets for man and woman even in the home.. who has a good idea of what would make a good pisser for men? I think it is disgusting also that women use western style toilets in public restrooms.. that is a big advantage for men in society is not having to stand in a line to go the toilet at train stations, concerts, clubs, sporting events, etc.. with tech as high as it is.. the basic function of waste elimination still is news and cause for domestic abuse.

-19 ( +4 / -23 )

A whopping 17% of Japanese husbands piss sitting down, according to a recent survey. Total hen-pecked emasculated wusses. Stand up the way our Creator intended us to pee, and if you happen to miss the mark or hit some rim in the process, simply do the common sense thing and wipe it up.

5 ( +17 / -12 )

My wife tried this on me when we first started living together, I just laughted and said you what!? She never tried it again...... Now its traing the boys to do it standing up with out pissing over the floor or down their pants, hahaha

0 ( +7 / -7 )

You think I’m so old that I can’t even pee straight!?

If there's 'always pee on the floor around the toilet', then, yeah, you not only can't pee straight, but also either your eyesight is wonky that you can't see the mess you make, or you're too immature to clean up after yourself. If you can't bring yourself to sit down, do the manly think and clean up after yourself.

9 ( +16 / -7 )

My wife tried to have my boys sit when they pee. I intervened & once the older was was 5, had him clean the toilet 3x a week as part of his chores. They are both more accurate as a result and our dignity as dudes is in tact. We do keep the seat / lid down as a safety precaution.

13 ( +15 / -2 )

How many times I hear this. 'I AM JAPANESE' So what? ' I AM HUMAN'. Obviously the only 'Honor' for this man lies between the seat of a Toilet! - Respect is more Honorable than Pride. In fact there is No honor in 'Pride'.

-1 ( +4 / -5 )

@ Pidestroika... You can't pee standing up if you have an erection... It doesn't matter if you sit or stand, you still have to intervene physically to pee... Do you not know you're own anatomy?

4 ( +5 / -1 )

It doesn't matter if you pee standing up or sit down. It doesn't make you less of a man since you shit sitting down. It's all in the mindset of the guy. If the guy thinks it's degenerating to him as a man to pee sitting down...that guy has some serious issues…

Also, what matters here is common courtesy. If you're going to be a dick and not clean up after yourself, well...you probably don't clean up after yourself when you brush your teeth, or shave, or finish a meal, etc.

6 ( +9 / -3 )

“If you sprinkle while you tinkle, please be sweet and wipe the seat.”

Another one I saw was "Our aim is cleanliness. Your aim will help". But the best I saw years ago, (slightly off topic) was in the mens of the building I worked in. The caretaker had put up a sign "Please do not drop your ciggarete butts in the urinal". Someon added underneath, "because they are hard to light when soggy"

But by far the best way to improve mens aim is to put a ping pong ball in the loo. Best to add some felt tip circles on it so it makes a good spinning patern when accurately struck. Trust me, this method really does work.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Or the classic sign in the men's room of a restaurant:

"We aim to please. You aim, too, please."

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

Sorry, but I'm not sitting down to pee unless there's a reason -- and that reason would have to be crippling sciatica or something. I have no qualms about cleaning it up for some reason the urine has a mind of its own and goes slightly off target, and clean the floor or whatever, but I'm not sitting down, and no one will make me. That said, I agree with the writer on the state of public urinals -- how do people EVER make a mess like that??

-1 ( +5 / -6 )

An Indian Muslim friend assured me that Muslim men are taught to pee sitting down. I wonder to what extent that is true?

Everyone knows the famous story of the urinals in Sciphol Airport, Amsterdam. When the manufacturers intorduced a black fly mark inside the bowl everyone's aim improved dramatically and the floors which had needed cleaning several times a day needed little cleaning from then on.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Standing up, sitting down, who cares. midnull, you are spot on. It doesn't make you any less of a man having to sit down to pee. That's just inherited macho bollocks. Although peeing with an erection sitting down IS difficult - I hear ya!

In short, if you make a mess, clean it up. And the whole 'pride' thing is lame. Take pride in something more worthwhile than peeing standing up Mr. Tanaka.

On a related but slightly different note, why do so many guys have to pee in the street? (or in dark alleyway) It almost seems like a rite of passage to become a salaryman.

4 ( +7 / -3 )

Some peole don't understand anatomy. Standing closer will not make a difference most times. Missing the mark happens due to strength of flow, aim, height of urinal, state of awareness, and a whole host of other reasons. If I make a mess, I clean it up (at home). I will NEVER sit down to urinate. That's for women. I also don't drink that 'third beer' b.s. , get drunk fairly often, tell oyaji gags, love sports, have lots of facial hair, have never had a white belt and like mature giggle-free women.

1 ( +3 / -2 )

Bad editing,. I meant women who don't giggle all day.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

im teaching my boy to lift the lid when he pees, and if women whant men to leave the lid down after they pee then least they can do is leave it up for the men. im always careful not to splash all over the place and theres plenty of wet tissues beside the toilet for cleaning up. but as far as sitting down to pee ill leave that habit for the herbivorous men.

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

One of the first homes i stayed in while in Japan had a urinal next to the downstairs toilet. Piece of marital planning genius i think.

As for our household, sadly we do not have such a urinal. My wife and i discussed this matter as well, and unlike some of the super macho "ill piss against the wall because i am a goddamn MAN" responders, i opted to sit down when i am at home. In return, she agreed that i dont have to clean the toilet

Problem is that Japan the toilets dont have that 'sweet spot' that i found western toilets have (you know the one that makes minimal noise and almost no spashes). So no matter how accurate your aim is, there will always be small splashes on the rim of the toilet, and assumably the floor too.

I get my standing up peeing satisfaction in public toilets, and at work, so i dont feel it is a big deal.

5 ( +8 / -3 )

wtfjapan: Never understood the logic of women about leaving the seat up. Inconvenient, maybe, but not wrong or rude. BOTH males and females should consider the seat position after use.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

@afanofjapan Well said. At home I almost always sit. Having to stoop to wipe the floor or the seat in a confined space is a pain as well as dizzying. Being able to pee standing up is fine against a wall in a public toilet or the countryside/wilderness - for women, the she-wee is an option. I'm surprised none of you have extolled its virtues. If men insist on standing in a domestic toilet (with a seat and everything) then they should certainly be prepared to clean it when necessary.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

‘I’m a Japanese-born male. It’s a matter of honor.’

Yeah, because a lot of places in Japan still use wonderfully "honorable" Japanese-style toilets.

There's nothing more honorable than squatting down on the floor to pinch a loaf like an animal.

‘I’m a Japanese-born male. It’s a matter of honor.’

It's also a matter of honor that Japan gave to the world washlet toilets, so honorable men can get their taints washed and rings sparkling.

‘I’m a Japanese-born male. It’s a matter of honor.’

Because it's honorable to not have toilet paper in many public toilets like up until a few years ago.

‘I’m a Japanese-born male. It’s a matter of honor.’

Because nothing says "honor" better than the oto-hime running water sounds to mask the sound of your wazz trickling into the bowl.

‘I’m a Japanese-born male. It’s a matter of honor.’

It's is so "honorable" to spash and squirt piss all over a toilet because you're too selfish to clean up after yourself.

-1 ( +5 / -6 )

HAHAHAHA, Now we are talking about how we take a p..... soon the frequent users of this site will know our quirks better than our own family.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Ummm... this isn't just Japanese pride. There's no way in hell you would get the average American male to do so either! I don't care if I make a mess every once in a while. It's a matter of manly pride. We're gruff. We're rugged. We're filthy. Deal with it, or live a lonely life with your 6 cats.

-5 ( +6 / -11 )

I fought and lost that battle a long time ago - I haven't stood up to pee at home in years now.

Now the complaint I get is that I take too long. I figure if I am not allowed to stand up and am going to sit down, I might as well take the iPhone with me and get some reading done or clear another level of Grand Theft Auto.

Sometimes you can still win by losing.


1 ( +4 / -3 )

Is there another male land animal that does this sitting down? I think not. Now, the real question: how many play hose games like target the drain, spelling, or break up the cigarette butt? Yeah, I thought so...

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Deal with it, or live a lonely life with your 6 cats.

if that's you in your picture it seems like you'll be alone for a very long time LOL eww

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

Lol I'd refuse to sit down to take a piss too, but my god this guy deserves all the nagging from his wife if he's 40 something years old and can't aim his piss right so it ends up where it's suppose to. And if it's off the mark at least have the decency to clean up the mess. That's probably the easiest solution, but it seems he can't even be bothered to do that. I guess because it's also a matter of pride XD.

Personally, I can't stand pools of off target urine all around the toilet bowl either in my house.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Really? I thought you had to stand here. I was once invited to a Japanese home party and when time came for a trip to the bathroom, the lady of the house showed me the toilet and then told me that I could stand, but not sit. It entered my mind to mention that pooping while standing would be messy, but kept it civilized and since I was a bit tipsy and not confident of my aim, peed in the sink instead. Thoroughly "flushed" though. I am not church going, but with the aforementioned incident in mind, in similar circumstances I have also kneeled in front of the toilet. Toilets are so low here. You can't miss that way. In my own home I do as I please.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

I only ever sit down to have a weewee when I'm wearing Chinos. It's the only way to avoid "the dot of shame".

That's not for want of trying on the part of Mrs. Scheidt, however. She also has a moral objection to my having a book on the shelf in their for when I wish to take a leisurely number two. This is nothing to do with hygiene, however. She claims it is bad luck. But as she puts a little pyramidic talisman of salt in there too, I reckon we're probably safe enough.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

One of the things I find disgusting about living here is the filth of the toilets in many public places. The stench of urine and god, the coed bathrooms in some places. ALWAYS a ring of urine around the toilet bowl. The men making snide comments and the like, do you actually bother to clean it up or just assume that the wife will? It is like this "back home"? Most places home have segregated bathrooms so I have never noticed it. Here? Be it cafe, conbini... ALWAYS a ring of pee. It is gross, unhygienic and speaks volumes of how gross some of the men here are.

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

And why is soap so impossible to provide in public bogs? It's not a matter of honour to smear faeces onto everything you touch until you get home, surely?

0 ( +2 / -2 )

Another fun stat - most guys presume they have good aim, and don't think their droplets on the floor are that big a deal when they miss them. But we pretty much feel the same as women when it comes to nearly standing in the urine of others.

It is a bit like driving in that way I suppose. I don't think Japanese have particularly better or worse aim than anywhere else. The article is also somewhat inflammatory framing this in terms of "Japanese pride" also.

That said, anyone who knows what Japanese marriages are like - the woman rules the home - and if hubby is not allowed to stand and hubby doesn't like that, life can get very unpleasant for the husband (don't forget, in most homes in Japan, the wife controls the bank account and husband's income, as well as pocket money allocations to the husband and so on).

In my experience, resistance is pretty much futile. Just thank heaven for smartphones.

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

Local issue.... short hose, high pressure you are going to spray.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

It's not just Japan which has bad toilets. One of the biggest things I miss about the UK is going to the football match, and the stench of the filthy bogs and men breaking wind as they pee at Ueno Station never fails to bring out an odd nostalgia.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Is there another male land animal that does this sitting down? I think not.

My dog squats, which is the nearest thing to a sit he can manage without wetting himself.

So funny how men think standing up to pee is somehow 'manly'. Don't want your wife making comments about how you do it? Don't give her cause to. Either sit down, perfect your aim, or clean up after yourself. Then leave the seat down and the lid up (for the cat).

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

Like I somewhat sarcastically told my wife. If you put the seat up every time for me when you finish using the bathroom then I will leave the seat down for you. The whole argument is crazy on the seat thing. Men have to put up the seat every time we go into use the bathroom and the women have to put it down. We both have to do it. Just accept it and get over it. It is natural. Why do men have to put it down? Why should women put it up for us? Does not make sense.

The missing the bowl thing... got no answer for that other than maybe he's a bad shot?

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

I'm not sure why people know how their spouses urinate. Sorry but door closed policy in my house. Mind you, mine doesn't leave grind on the floor so perhaps he sits?! Frankly, I don't care as long as there isn't a mess.

And Japanese women really shouldn't complain. Women's toilets here are disgusting and lord, the things I have had to see when using them... I am sure all the ladies here know exactly what I'm referring to.

-2 ( +4 / -6 )

please Mrs. Suzuki no fight over flight path of pee, a simple trajectory and not a taepodong that you can aim perfectly.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Where did the sticker in the photo come from BTW, since both a cross and a check/tick mean 'Wrong' in Japan. The USA perhaps? The problems with sitting and peeing on many Japanese slanted bowls are a) your tackle hitting the ceramic and b) splashback.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

I don't particularly care one way or another. My "manhood" most certainly isn't threatened by having to {gasp!} sit down when I pee, and when you're riding a local express train that weaves to and fro, sitting is pretty much the only option left to avoid spraying the seat and floor while you struggle to keep your balance, no matter how great a marksman one may be.

That said, urinating on the floor leaves a horrible smell and the scent associated with the anomia content in urine is very difficult to get out of most materials. I used to have a job where I had to clean the restrooms. Not fun, I can assure you. People can be utter pigs.

It comes down to this: It doesn't matter if you pee sitting down or standing up, as long as you keep it entirely in the toilet bowl or urinal. Quite honestly, I'm astonished how frequently (and how much in volume) some men miss the urinals in public restrooms.

If you miss, clean it up. Yep, that's right. Wipe it up with some TP. And if you really go nuts spraying down the floor or carpet, use a cleaning solution or put the carpet in the washer. Barring that, diapers might be a better option. If cleaning up after one's self is emasculating to some guys, then they might want to rethink the definition, since personal cleanliness and taking responsibility for one's actions rank pretty high on the list of what makes one not only a "man," but also an adult.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Two toilets keep the peace.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Zen Student: "Standing up, sitting down, who cares. midnull, you are spot on. It doesn't make you any less of a man having to sit down to pee. That's just inherited macho bollocks."

There's nothing wrong with sitting down to pee at all, agreed, if you CHOOSE to do it. Being told you have to when it goes against nature to do so is something else, and remaining in a standing position to urinate as a man is perfectly natural -- in fact, far more natural than sitting. Imagine being out in the bush, camping, and squatting down to pee -- any argument about making a mess, missing what you're aiming for, and what not comes right back up again, plus you have to add that you're likely to pee on your leg or feet if the stream is a bit off.

It all just comes down to penis envy, if the man is willing to clean up any mess he makes but the woman still insists he sit down, and a means of slight emasculation. That, or the ladies are just upset they have to wait in phenomenally long lines at washrooms after a movie or at a concert.

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

I dont like the pee splatter everywhere, and I have two boys in the midst of stand-up-pee-practice right now - not including hubby, so the mess is pretty bad. I find it hard to understand why they cant hit a target a good 7 inches or so in diameter.

But ultimately I have more going on in my life than worrying about a bit of splatter so I just do a daily quick wipe down, job done, and move on with my life. My boys (including hubby) enhance my life in more ways than I can count. Not going to hold a bit of spatter against them!

tmarie is right about womens public toilets here. Gross.

0 ( +4 / -4 )

Nothing wrong with peeing sitting down, sometimes I get lazy and sit, so what? If I stand and miss the bowl, I just wipe it up, simple as that. I'm secure in my masculinity and I don't care what people think. Get over it. I'll bet there're a lot more guys that sit down, but are unwilling to admit it.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

I think it is disgusting also that women use western style toilets in public restrooms..

Er... why is that disgusting?

0 ( +2 / -2 )

I grew up in a house with two women - my mother and sister - and have always peed standing up. The difference between me and other men, I realized once getting out into the world is that I pee in the bowl. Not on it, around it over the seat, floor, cistern or walls - but actually in the bowl. I also wipe off any drops on the rim when I'm done. How no other man has discovered the wonders of not peeing all over everything in the bathroom, I'll never know. Clearly I am possessed of rare and valuable knowledge.

8 ( +8 / -0 )

A silly article about trivial stuff in the grand scheme of things...

On the lighter side, to pee standing up is a perk of being a man. But if you do so outside, don't pee into the wind... =P

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

This is ridiculous.

It's common decency for both men and women to leave a toilet just as clean, or preferable cleaner that it was before you used it. Actually, if I used a toilet (esp one that women also used) and it was dirty, I'd clean it for the next person. Have people no shame?

As for standing up or sitting down, that's nobody's business. Do cartwheels if you like, but common decency means you would keep a toilet clean. This woman has every right to be mad with her husband.

As for this silly problem about leaving the seat up or down - if women want the seat left down, why is that such a bid deal? Put the damn seat down.

And as for cleaning the toilet, I married a beautiful princess so I wouldn't want her doing that. Let me do the dirty work.

Come on guys, lift your game.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

Its as simple as cleaning up afterwards. I've got this motto now that a person will only receive as much respect and consideration as they give. If a man splatters all over the place, that man had better clean up after himself. Using a public men's restroom is enough for me to understand the concerns that women have, but the fact is, if the man is sloppy or lazy, then that is how he's gonna be. There have been a few times I've had to wipe off someone elses mess with the supplied toilet paper because someone either 1.didn't lift the seat while taking a whizz, or 2. didn't know how to aim in the first place... I almost forgot 3. FLUSH THE DAMNED TOILET WHEN YOU'RE DONE!

My last gf didn't have anything she needed to bring up because I took care of my business and made sure to clean up any messes I might have left behind.

5 ( +5 / -0 )

It's not only a Japanese issue, but very much in the Western culture as well. I live in Europe. Our office building doesn't have urinals but stalls, and so I see everyday the mess on the floor. Do these people do the same at home, I always wonder.

1 ( +3 / -2 )

clean up your pee dude !!!! If you can't aim straight or move closer to the toilet it's time to Sit Down.

2 ( +5 / -3 )

Public toilets are going to be bad anywhere because of drunks. If the previous guy sprayed all over the place, then the next guy has two choices: clean up someone else's mess or stand back a little (reducing accuracy and adding to the problem).

Regarding complaining about toilet seats being left up or down: My mom spent a good portion of my early years training me to raise the seat if I was going to use the toilet while standing. If I am expected to raise the seat when I need to stand, why are women not expected to lower the seat when they need to sit? There's a major disconnect there in equality that seems to be promoted by women. Since when is it my fault when a woman is too lazy/apathetic/preoccupied/arrogant to check whether the toilet is configured for her use and plants her butt in the water as a consequence?

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

This pun won't work in Nihongo, but if the Mrs. and her hubby can write and read some English, she should place this message atop the water tank:

"I aim to please! You aim, too, please!"


0 ( +3 / -3 )

Oh piss off, haha

0 ( +1 / -1 )

I used to work with a guy who was had been through Indigenous 'law', which mean that he'd had certain 'adjustments' to his John Thomas.

If you ever got into the toilet after him it looked as though someone had turned on the sprinkler. I am not kidding. I often thought of his wife at such moments.....

Just aim straight and true gents. Straight and true.

4 ( +4 / -0 )

@gogogo totally agree when the hose has no length its harder to target the right place so theres no splash, (local issue indeed) I on the other hand have no problem at all and can rarely miss.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Is this article just about how men pee, or is it about learning to deal with habits of the people you live with? I think it's more important to find some sort of common ground. In this article, it apparently seems that there was no satisfactory resolution to the problem. While this article has generated some talk about this one particular habit, it makes no inroads to better communication.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

I stand in public, sit at home :)

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Japanese toilets have terrible ergonomics, they are generally far to shallow and do leave enough room for a mans tackle. And I'm not talking av actor sizes here, just a regular package and you forever get the porcelain kiss in Japan. Hugely annoying. Build toilets with bigger berths dammit! just #2's are more than enough to deal with the issue, heck I try to use squat toilets when I can for their superior body position for divine defecation.

Sit up/ seat down? if its down and you want it up lift it, if its up and you want it down - put it down - Easy. Woman want equality, yet still want to win and be prissy about it.

As for the misses at public urinals. Those are the rarer pattern B urinal users - who stand back. The majority are Pattern A - the shy guys who seemingly mount the urinal as if the are trying to hump it, they get so damn close as if they get engulfed. It hilarious. Pattern C pee normally and at a normal distance.

you not only can't pee straight...

Nothing at all to do with aim! As a woman you are not aware of the physics of a mans urination. Put it it this why what happens to a garden hose if the pressure drops? that's right the nice stream stops becoming a straight stream, it occasionally happens, and sometimes the spray strays beyond the intended destination, at home I always clean up if it ever happens. only a selfish jerk wouldn't. Not even REMOTELY enough of an issue to warrant sitting down.

Men - clean up your mess, if you make one.

Woman - Shut up and focus on more important issues.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

On the other hand, if she's a career gal, adding 5 mill a year to the communal money pot, consider accommodating her wishes.

It can't be very communal, much less very meaningful, if you're only getting 30,000 yen a month allowance out of that!

0 ( +0 / -0 )

My mother-in-law got so "pissed" about having to put up with her husband's bad aim that she had a urinal installed.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

If training is required..... http://www.engadget.com/2012/05/01/sega-urinal-game-toylets/ Maybe Sega and Toto should get together and create the perfect aim toilet. But then, why don't the women learn to pee standing up. Anatomically, there is no reason why not and it will speed up the lines for the ladies.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Love the post Ka Chan. The women are already in control if the men here. They should stand up to urinate. It would give true definition as to who REALLY wears the pants in the family.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Oh, he's a manly man doing manly things; in very very manly ways. He's a manly man. He does many things. and he urinates in a manly way. He stands up for his manly rights' He never sits cause that 's a womanly thing He has stand up right cause it is the manly thing.

Stand-up for you right. One small step for a man, one giant pee for mankind.

Stand and deliver.

I am not going to take this sitting down. So I will stand for liberty and Assure undergarment (just in case it runs down my leg).

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"It all just comes down to penis envy, if the man is willing to clean up any mess he makes but the woman still insists he sit down, and a means of slight emasculation."

(COFF!! COFF!! COFF!!) What a load of hooey.

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"If I am expected to raise the seat when I need to stand, why are women not expected to lower the seat when they need to sit?"

This is actually a very very valid point.

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Ladies can pee standing up:


You see it at almost any busy shopping mall, nightclub or bar: long lines of women waiting to use the toilet, playing with their phones or staring directly ahead in a vain attempt to hide the fact that they're worried what might happen if they have to wait much longer, all the while watching us guys stroll by and enter the men's room with minimal fuss.

"You men are so lucky! You can pee standing up!" my female friends often cry.

Well, yes, we can. And now, thanks to the world's newest beginning superpower, so can you!

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A very very very old subject that has caused many a argument. Up or down? I don't think this topic will ever be resolved to the liking of everyone. So the very very old adage still applies, You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all the people all the time.

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There's supposedly some chain of izukaya that has gag urinals the laugh and start moving on the wall to mess with your aim. I'm at a loss why the chain would want to have to clean up MORE of a mess than they normally would have to? I'll stand when I'm coherent, but if I wake in the middle of the night and use the toilet, I'll sit no matter what the need is because I'm still half asleep and my aim is highly suspect then.

As Carcharodon pointed out, there are times where no matter WHERE you're pointing, the anatomy at the tip directs it somewhere else. We correct as quick as we can, but splashes DO happen. It is on US as men to clean those up when we do it. Just taking that little bit of time with some TP makes the place a lot cleaner and less smelly.

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The problem in many cases is that as men get older, the urine flow becomes weaker due to prostate problems and leads to dribbling which misses the urinal. I decided to sit down on ordinary toilets as it saves any potential mess. It means that the toilet and the floor stays clean and the seat can stay down all the time. It's no big deal.

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The wife is angry because he thinks it's atarimae for her to clean up after him. Who wouldn't be if you were treated like some second -class house slave? Time for the Japanese to reconsider having a toilet IN the bathroom, so they can use the shower to hose down any stinky splatter at the end of the day. Lastly, it is better to urinate while sitting, because you can empty your blatter better. For guys feeling insecure about their masculinity and choose to stand up, just wipe it clean, thank you!

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Okay, WHY is "up/down" even a question?? It's a TOILET, so just like any other container with a door or lid it should be closed 24/7 when not in use.. regardless of genders using it; open to use, clean & close when finished, end of issues.

If ppl are expected to close fridges, cabinets, microwaves, bins for ~trash & recycling, car doors, storage boxes, etc. what is the deal in not taking the same care with a toilet?

Then of course, the act of "not closing things" to avoid the "hassle" of opening for each use even extends to bottles & food packages & other items as well.. oyy.

Have some sense, please, it's not that difficult. Really, just because a majority of public toilets are all left uncovered, doesn't mean anyone should let their own home ones follow that example.. more importantly: maybe just talk it over with your significant others ~before moving in together.

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