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Surf, sun and save: Discounts for Kanagawa beaches

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By Heidi Sarol

Summer is here, and what better way to spend your day off than a day trip to the beach? While the closest beach to Tokyo is Odaiba Bay, it doesn’t exactly scream summer. However, in Kanagawa Prefecture, you’re practically spoiled for choice.

Moreover, there are a few train passes to popular beach destinations that can help you stay within budget. For beach lovers hoping to visit popular spots like Zushi Beach, Isshiki Beach or Miura Beach, these deals are perfect for a day trip.

Discounted beach day-trips

The Hayama Excursion ticket covers transportation to Zushi Beach and the beaches around Hayama. The Misaki Maguro ticket gets you to the end of the Miura Peninsula, which includes Aburatsubo Bay and Jogashima Park. While the Hayama Excursion ticket is great for just a day at the beach, the Misaki Maguro ticket offers many other experiences like hiking and a dip in an onsen (hot spring).

Each ticket includes roundtrip transportation (including busses), discounts, a set meal at participating restaurants and an activity (such as a 45-minute cruise around the Miura Peninsula).

For more information and how to purchase online visit the official websites for the Hayama Excursion ticket (English) and the Misaki Maguro ticket (English).

Best beaches in Kanagawa

Of course, you don’t need to buy one of these discounted tickets to enjoy a day at the beach, but why pass up on the deal? That being said, here are just some of our favorite beaches in Kanagawa.

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Great views - great transportation - I live not too far from there - wouldn't live anywhere else

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