Sustainable influencers take on fast fashion


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Fast fashion is such a bad idea.

Like most, my image of ‘influencers’ is juveniles spamming social media with trash but I suppose there are some good ones.

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Millions of tons of fashion waste every year which too often are shipped off to countries in Africa causing environmental damage.

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quote: their advice is to buy no more than five new items a year

I don't think that would keep me in socks and undies.

I was taught needlework in school in the 1980s. All schools should be teaching it so people can mend their own clothes.

It wasn't unusual when I was young for people to make their own clothes from patterns or by altering another item. That is trending more and can save you cash. You want to buy someone a birthday present? Ask them if they would like a sewing machine.

Pre-pandemic/pre-Brexit, the economy was doing well, inflation was low, folk had spare cash and felt secure enough to spend extra on sustainable products, which typically cost more. That was good for expensive EVs and green transition stuff like insulation and solar panels. That is over now, courtesy of our politicians wrecking the global economy. Many folk will spend the least they can now, with green transition extras no longer an option. Sustainability is a luxury that many can no longer afford.

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Fast fashion isn't necesarrily the main problem. The problem is that people just over-buy and throw stuff away after a year or two. I like Uniqlo clothes, but I don't shop often, simply because their clothes last ages. I have T-shirts and sweaters from them which have lasted well over a decade, and still going strong.

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Ohhh the "influencers"... Pathetic.. lol..

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Ohhh the "influencers"... Pathetic.. lol..

Lemme guess, ya didn't read the article?

Influencers like her are "agents of change", said Simone Cipriani, the chair of the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion and founder of the Ethical Fashion Initiative.

"They counter the negative influence of another kind of thing that you find on social media... overconsumption."

Unless, of course, you are pro-overconsumption, then your action is understandable, lol

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