Tattoos have a long history going back to the ancient world – and also to colonialism

By Allison Hawn

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we need to learn from history and not repeat our mistakes. we need to end all forms of discrimination, and that includes discrimination of those who choose to get tattoos. We also need to shake off preconceived notions of who gets tattoos, as people who get tattoos are as diverse as the tattoos themselves.

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I admit to being prejudiced.....tattoos disgust me.

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Admission is the first step to getting better man.

Theres a lot of things that are not my thing, or I may actually not like them at all.

But disgust me? It’s not really my place to get disgusted over something so trivial and also the choice of another. What’s next then? Gross hairstyles and clothings? Unacceptable jewelry and the likes?

If what another person does doesn’t involve you, why make a negative opinion on it?

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Not a fan of tattoos and disappointed so many of the younger generation seem to be jumping on this bandwagon fan.

But, it is their choice to get tattoos so more power to them I suppose.

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If what another person does doesn’t involve you, why make a negative opinion on it?

Perhaps to discourage our kids from doing it. :-)

While I'm not disgusted by tattoos, and sometimes find them attractive, I'm puzzled why young people want them. Hairstyles and clothes can be changed - but a tattoo is pretty much permanent. Why not body paint instead?

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disappointed so many of the younger generation seem to be jumping on this bandwagon fan.

I got my first and so far only tattoo at 48. It is not just for the young.

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I think tats are interesting, but I would never get one and I think a lot of people that do get them have no idea how to choose one that complements their physical appearance, I think they should stand out but in a way it doesn't look like a random exotic pizza of a mix of different tats and designs with significant meaning jumbled and mixed and drawn all over your body. Miley Cyrus is a great example, pretty woman, but I don't get it, what the hell does she have going on when it comes to her tats? She's just all over the place with them. I feel tats are like music and they are subjective, I am only voicing my personal opinion on how they look to me, others might feel different and that's ok, but I think if you are going to ink up at the very least make it unique like Dwayne Johnson, he doesn't get carried away and his have a serious cultural and racial meaning, I respect that and they look great as well.

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Embarrassed by my hairy legs, i tattooed to cover on little part to see how it can cover but not really. As time went by without any tattoo, 20 years later now I actually like my hairy legs and instead, want to get rid of tattoo desperately.

I tried laser to remove it few years ago, it kind of worked but too expensive. Now i need to completely remove it, maybe another laser treatment next year.

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Tatoos are out of favor with the majority of Japanese. They are associated with criminals.

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Tattoos are cool and have nothing to do with anyone but the person who's body they are on.

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A waste of ink.

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