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Temple offers spiritual support for Japan's Vietnamese community

By Maya Kaneko

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I don't know any Vietnamese in Japan but elsewhere they generally keep their heads down, work hard to get ahead, and don't bother anyone.

Although it is worth pointing out that many are actually Chinese-Vietnamese like the Hoa, not Vietnamese-Vietnamese, hence having to leave to avoid discrimination.

Roughly stated, they were kind of disliked because they tended to business and making money and, hence, became targets of jealousy etc.

At worst, even where they are involved in crime, growing marijuana and human trafficking to support it, they don't generally appear to cause the same problems others do.

I'm thinking immigration from pluralistic Buddhist societies will fit far better than from cultures with monotheistic roots, who tend to have superiority issues believing themselves to right and demanding accommodation and even submission to them.

Japan Buddhism could do with Theravada elements being beefed up a bit.

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pacificwestToday 01:32 pm JST

I don't know any Vietnamese in Japan but elsewhere they generally keep their heads down, work hard to get ahead, and don't bother anyone

Are you serious, there have been a number of Vietnamese arrested for violent crimes over the last 12 months in Japan.

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That's disappointing. So I now read ...

Seems there are other problems with shady brokers promising fake documentation and higher-paying jobs take advance fee commissions.

“They have debts they cannot repay with their salaries at home, so the only option is to flee into the black market for labor.”

It's like the whole comfort women/force labor scandal all over again.

But, may I be blunt, are they Chinese-Vietnamese or Vietnamese-Vietnamese?

One of the problems with all discussions relating to immigration is that it is not specifically enough and, hence, does not double down in the specifically problematic groups.

One thing for sure, the more people you bring in to Japan, the more the word will get out what an easy, soft touch for casual crimes Japan is.

Seems shop lifting gangs are common with them too.

Low paid "trainee" jobs building resentments.

The Vietnamese expat community has out-crimed China to take the infamous rank for the first time.

The reputation of Vietnamese people living in Japan has been tarnished following a Japanese police report that said they committed more crimes than any other foreign non-permanent residents living in the country last year.

Vietnam's expat community has taken over the unwanted top spot from China, Japanese police reported on Thursday, according to Kyodo News.

Police recorded 5,140 crimes committed by Vietnamese people in 2017, up from 3,177 the year before and accounting for 30.2 percent of the total number of crimes committed by foreign nationals.

Shoplifting accounted for 2,037 cases, while cases of burglary jumped to 325 in 2017 from just 12 the previous year.


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