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The Christmas tree is a tradition older than Christmas

By Troy Bickham

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Xmas was invented by the transformed Roman pagan church to the new Catholic Church for the purpose of making it easier for pagans to convert to the new institution without giving up principles of their pagan practices. It happens all around the World. Christ was born when shepherds were tending to theirs herds, something that does not happen in Bethlehem in December when it is too cold and there is no grass outside. More related to the Saturnalia festivities.

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Christmas trees do have a global message. None of us are morally perfect and will be judged one day. That is the bad news. The good news for the people of the globe is that God provided a pardone through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

That is something everyone can celebrate, and since this message is older than Christmas or pagans, it is not pagan nor is the Christmas tree as a token of the message.

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Surely a "Christmas" tree before Christmas was just a tree?

I'm not surprised that there were trees before little baby Jesus.

What's tomorrow's story? There were presents before Christmas presents?

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Only in 1870 did the United States recognize Christmas as a federal holiday.

It only became a public holiday in Scotland in 1958. I can remember my dad having to go to work on Christmas when I was very young. That was at a time when they used to chain up the swings in parks on a Sunday so kids couldn't have fun.

None of us are morally perfect and will be judged one day.

What to do until then, eh? In the words of Michael Marra, "me, I'm going to get pished." (song at the link below)


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Christmas trees do have a global message. 

What, in all you have written after this sentence, illustrates that “Christmas trees do have a global message”?

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That reminds me I must get my plastic Christmas tree out of the roof!

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