The handshake after COVID – good riddance, or welcome back?

By Thomas URBAIN

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Instead of shaking hands the world should adopt the Japanese bow as the standard greeting. Or if thats too hard on the neck, how about the Indian 'namaste'.

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Handshakes were originally made to test if the other person was concealing weapons in their sleeves. In my opinion, a fist bump would be the next best thing. Even as a guy, handshakes can be intimidating. I agree with EvilBuddha, bowing is the way to go, but I doubt it will catch on in countries outside of those that traditionally bow.

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Anything but that stupid elbow-bump thing!!

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"I don't think we should ever shake hands ever again, to be honest with you," White House pandemic advisor Anthony Fauci said last year as the virus took hold worldwide.

Fauci's own emails prove he's a corrupt liar. There is absolutely no scientific or logical reason to believe or follow anything he says -- absolutely none.

In fact, there's at least solid circumstantial evidence that this virus was engineered in a Chinese lab, and that Fauci had at least an indirect if not direct hand in it. He was a big supporter of the gain-of-function research that, it now seems very apparent, generated this virus in the first place.

He's creepy, corrupt, and dishonest. At the very least he should be fired -- if not criminally investigated.

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Hand shake is part of our culture, I still instinctively go to shake hands but than have to stop myself. Personally happy to see a return to normal.

As this is a USA based article and the removal of all social distancing etc. seems to have been done a bit precipitately I can understand the hesitancy.

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Then how will secret societies and fraternities greet their fellow initiates?

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I very frequently see men in restrooms in Japan walk out of the crapper or away from a urinal and just walk out of the men's room. No handshakes sounds fine to me.

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I’d be happy to see the handshake come back, I’ve always liked it. But as for this ridiculous kissing thing that’s come in relatively recently even between mere acquaintances, that should be consigned to the devil where it belongs.

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I really like the Japanese Bow, its simple and very easy to do.

I think all culture should use it as an alternative. I have always felt awkward shaking hands and never liked it. i- would be very happy to see go away!!!

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US stores ares now filled with vaccinated people and liars, and there is no way, in most states, to check which it is. As for post -pandemic handshakes, let’s get through the delta variant, and survey what else is cooking. Handshakes are not that dangerous, but getting that close and staying that close while you chat might be.

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I don't handshake filthy hands who don't wash after the loo.

Neither Namaste or Bow, Just Hello!

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Let's do away with handshakes. I was watching Queens (tennis) as Murray moved towards the net after the fame he wiped his sweaty face, ruffled his sweaty hair and offered the same hand in a handshake to his opposition. I asked myself did he do that because he lost? After all there is a virus out there or is that how most people approach handshakes, dirty hand or not, this is about interpersonal relationships yuk

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*game, after the game

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