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The Peninsula Spa: Oxygen infusion for instant visible results

By Maki Yasuda

It was a real revelation for me to try the Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Facial the other day at the Peninsula Spa. Your skin really does get fresher, firmer and more radiant with just one treatment. I was truly impressed. OK, I’m sounding like one of the countless celebrity testimonials on the Intraceuticals website, but when you try it, you too will see why it is dubbed “The Hollywood Secret” and has so many celebrity devotees around the world.

Even for those of us who don’t have fine lines or wrinkles in need of smoothing out, the treatment’s results are immediately evident; an overall lift and sharper face-line (instant face diet), evening of complexion, and moisturizing in a way that no cream or serum can do on its own. If there is a special occasion or event when you want to look your best, this is the facial to get.

Originally from Australia, Intraceuticals is a range of skincare that uses a high-tech “oxygen machine” that emits a flow of hyperbaric (i.e. pressurized) oxygen from an air-brush-like head to deliver a rich serum of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins deep into the dermal structure. (Madonna bought something like 8 of these machines for each of her homes, and even hires its founder, Michelle Peck, to be her personal esthetician when she goes on tour.)

The Peninsula Spa introduced Intraceuticals to its menu in May, and as of now, is the only hotel spa in Tokyo that offers it. And what better place to get this special treatment than the Peninsula Spa, with each of the nine treatment rooms equipped with a Clodagh Gemini fully automated treatment bed, one of the most comfortable spa beds I can recall in recent memory.

The Intraceuticals facial is performed completely lying down, with half of the face treated first so you can do a before-and-after comparison. The Intraceuticals machine does make some whirring noises as it operates, but the treatment was so relaxing that I found myself drifting off. The carefully controlled stream of cool air applied meticulously to the face and décolleté feels wonderfully soothing, and I suspect breathing in some of the concentrated oxygen might have enhanced the pleasant effects.

I had the “Rejuvenate” oxygen facial, but the spa is also offering the “Whitening” oxygen facial, a potent brightening treatment that would be perfect for post-summer skin tone recovery. Both oxygen facials are 80 minutes long, with special rates for the first time, weekdays, as well as a set course of three treatments (see below for pricing). Before treatments, you can enjoy the Thermal Suite area’s crystal steam room, dry sauna, and aromatherapy “Experience” showers.

There is also a relaxation lounge with a good selection of magazines and comfortable beds with a reading lamp that actually provides adequate light (unlike some other spas out there). The spa interior is in line with the rest of the hotel, with warm tones of beige, gold and chocolate, and feels cozy and laid-back as though it were an extension of one of the hotel’s rooms.

There is a spacious and airy indoor pool area with big windows overlooking the Imperial Garden and Hibiya Park on the 5th floor, accessible from the spa by a set of stairs. The pool is for hotel guests and members of the Peninsula fitness club, but it is also included in some day spa packages. Of particular value is the Weekday Spa Escape plan, which includes access to the pool, a substantial 110-minute body treatment from the spa’s signature ESPA menu, and a healthy cuisine lunch by the poolside dining area. For day spa visitors and hotel guests alike, this spa will provide an indulgent time off to relax and focus on your beauty and well-being.

■ Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Facial
Rejuvenate / Whitening 1 hour 20 minutes

  • Rate: 31,000 yen
  • First time trial rate: 21,000 yen
  • Weekday special: 26,000 yen
  • Set of 3 facials: 69,000 yen (weekday only)

■ Weekday Spa Escape 33,000 yen 1 hour 50 minutes

  • Access to the pool
  • Salt and Oil Body Exfoliation
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage
  • Naturally Peninsula light and healthy cuisine lunch

For further information, visit www.peninsula.com

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Ooh. This would be bit tempting, if I lived in Tokyo.

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Instant results = swelling How long does it last?

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31,000 yen / nearly $400 for a facial? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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"Whitening oxygen facial"

And that's 31,000 yen, cripes, I can get a tanning facial for free just going outdoors for an hour or so on a day like today.

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