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The social, economic and political reality for many girls cast aside in cultural gender selection


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This article highlights the hypocrisy of the the left: they want their cake and to eat it too.

"While there is an argument for parent autonomy and their rights to control their family structure, the topic of designing one's own family is highly contentious and controversial.

Well, lets' just stop abortion. Then it's 50-50 and the non-sense would stop.

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Step one for girls’ rights is to ensure that they have access to safe spaces that are off limits to males

"Step one"? Really? How about ensuring that girls aren't deliberately killed before they have the chance of being born?

In more and more Canadian hospitals, couples aren't allowed to learn the gender of their baby before birth, because of cases of people from certain cultures aborting the fetuses if they're female. A huge inconvenience for the vast majority of normal people who don't murder baby girls, but that's the price of "multiculturalism."

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Grrrrr.........I get so angry with the never ending constant under valuing of women in most societies. But for we women, men would never exist, we carry them and then raise them with little or zero help from the fathers. And just look at what is now happening in China and India, in China alone, there are 30 million more males than females, and in India, dog knows what their true figures are. Women as a whole have to be 10 times better and more competent than their male counterparts to get the better jobs, and even then they are belittled. Women are the most essential part of the human race, without us, it would not go on.

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In more and more Canadian hospitals, couples aren't allowed to learn the gender of their baby before birth

I didn't know that, but on searching out info, I found that many hospitals here in Scotland have also stopped revealing gender. One reason is to avoid being sued if they get the gender wrong, but also the concern that some pregnancies will be terminated if it's the "wrong sex". However, it seems people can get a private test, so it's not clear how effective the policy is.

Personally, I think it's best not to know - the anticipation is quite cool.

Anyway, thanks for the info.

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Here is me, a single mom of one child and prayed for a girl and got a boy. In this country, now a days more and more families hope for girls and not boys I am learning from working at a kindergarten.

In China, there are so many unregistered adults because of the one child policy I learned from a Chinese friend 10 years ago and she was one of those children and where her parents had to pay great sums of money to get her registered because she was the second child.

When China relaxed their polices, it was not retroactive from my understanding and so there are millions not registered and so if they have children are their children getting registered?

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