Theater project aims to ease isolation of Japan's social recluses

By Etienne BALMER

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If the parents didn't pander to them so much (cooking meals, doing laundry, not charging rent etc.) then this phenomenon would cease to exist.

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I don’t see that such negative. With another focus, one could also say that those hikikomori are pioneers of the future, making no noise, using only very few resources, don’t use much transportation or energy, yes in fact are even considerable as the best climate savers. It finally depends not on them but only on the society how to see them or to interpret their behavior.

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I have a theory about people turning away society. I spent a few years working the homeless of Sydney 2006-7,. What I leant was after a average of 7 years most return to society. We would offer place of refuge and most would decline but If you ask a homeless of 7 years they would except, and once place would not return to the streets and go on the being a average working citizen. So I predict that this will also happen to the majority these recluse. After the average of 7 years they will return to society, Here hoping.

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