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Tokyo DisneySea names its 8th port 'Fantasy Springs'

By Ben K, grape Japan

Oriental Land Co, the company which operates Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, has announced the name of Tokyo DisneySea's eighth port, set to begin operations in 2022. At 140,000 square meters and costing approximately 250 billion yen, "Fantasy Springs" will be the most ambitious expansion since DisneySea opened in 2001.

According to the press release, when you step inside Fantasy Springs, you'll discover waterfalls and ponds "flowing with magical spring waters" which will "guide you to the fantastic world of Disney stories." Guests will be able to enjoy four attractions in themes from Disney films, two of them based on "Peter Pan", one on "Frozen" and one on "Tangled."

In addition, there will be three restaurants and a completely new Disney hotel, overlooking Fantasy Springs, offering deluxe and luxury level accommodations.

Shinto priests performed a ritual to formalize the groundbreaking of the site on Tuesday. Walt Disney Co Chairman Robert Iger also attended.

Artist Concept Images

In addition to previously released images of the three attractions and the hotel, new images of the entrance and springs areas have now been released (click or tap to view original size):

"Frozen" Area

Photo: Disney


"Tangled" Area

Photo: Disney


"Peter Pan" Area

Photo: Disney


"Fantasy Springs" Entrance (Day and Night)



Springs to the left of the entrance (Day and Night)



Springs inside "Fantasy Springs" (Day and Night)



Disney Hotel


Future Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea Projects


"Fantasy Springs," outlined in red in the map above, is only one of many projects currently in development for Tokyo Disneyland (TDL) and Tokyo DisneySea (TDS). Here is the current schedule of the major ones:

  • July 23, 2019: Soaring: Fantastic Flight (TDL) {area shaded in blue}
  • July 2019 (tentative): new multi-level guest parking complex (TDL) {area outlined in bright yellow}
  • Spring 2020 (tentative): A new attraction centered on "The Beauty and the Beast", "Fantasyland Forest Theater," "The Happy Ride with Baymax," and "Minnie's Style Studio" (TDL) {areas shaded in green}
  • 2021 (tentative): A new hotel in a theme based on "Toy Story." (TDS) {area outlined in gold}

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Add an H.P. Lovecraft (Cthulhu) themed haunted house based on Shadow Over Innsmouth (fish/people hybrids). There is already a warehouse building in the Cape Cod attraction at Disney Sea that has the name LOVECRAFT on it.

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Disneysea is amazing, can't wait to go back again.

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