Tokyo IT firm is looking for 'Beer Interns' willing to drink while on the job

By Casey Baseel, RocketNews24

Internships can be an invaluable way to kick-start your progress along your desired career path. While many of them may not be long-term enough for participants to significantly boost their technical skill levels, there’s nothing quite like the confidence and dependability you can gain through the experiences of having actually worked alongside professionals in your field of interest.

Doing an internship can also help you accept which bad habits from your student days you’ll have to grow out of, such as procrastinating, showing up late, or giving in to your temptation to enjoy a refreshing beer before you’ve completed your assigned tasks.

Actually, wait. You can hold onto that last one as long as your internship is with Japanese web developer Technomobile. The company, whose offices are located in downtown Tokyo’s Minami Aoyama neighborhood, is now accepting applicants for its Beer Intern position.

Don’t worry, Technomobile isn’t planning to make interns spend all day running back and forth to the convenience store to pick up chilled cans of Yebisu Beer for the regular employees. This is a legitimate internship in which you’ll be using the Ruby on Rails application framework to complete web development assignments. You’ll just be doing it with a beer in one hand, as the program aims to “help clear away tension by having a beer, and let interns experience the working atmosphere at Technomobile and see if they’re compatible with it.”

The position has no formal education requirements, but applicants must be 25 or older, with at least one year of open source development or web server construction experience. The internships will take place on April 22 and 23, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., meaning that you should be done early enough to hit the bars for another round after work if you’re still feeling thirsty.

Applications can be made online here between now and April 20, and Technomobile says that those who take to the work well may subsequently be offered full-time employment with the company as a programmer, infrastructure engineer, or system engineer. Not specified is whether or not beer is allowed during working hours every day, so that’s something you’ll probably want to discuss with the hiring manager if and when you’re offered a permanent job.

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Me ! Me ! Me !

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Ruby Off the Rails?

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This makes no sense unless they are using the beer story to get it further promoted.

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Lets promote alcoholism while we are at it!

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Well, when I was working in US for an IT company (Starts with Hew...Pac...), I could smell alcohol from one of the co-workers 9 am in the morning. But then, with that incompetent Carly F in charge and seeing things going down the toilet, I guess you need that to numb your senses.

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