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Tokyo seniors gamble time away in Vegas-style care center


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Gambling is illegal in Japan

Gambling for money is illegal, ball bearings and slot coins no problem

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Looks like the "integrated resort" PR teams are gearing up.

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Looks like the casino industry is prepping old folks who are on a fixed income to gamble

"You got that right". And why are there so many "game centers" for youth amongst the slot/pachinko centers? To get young people addicted to gambling so they will continue it into adulthood

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Sounds like an excellent idea - these types of activities stimulate the brain and provide both social time and a reason to get up - for the elderly, that is.

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What's the "if"? They are not staking real money so the "if" must refer to the endorphins.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

It's a big "if", but if they can get the endorphins going without staking real money, then good on them.

I'd rather old people play at betting on games of whist, backgammon, mah jong, roulette, etc. that sitting around frying their brains with the distorted worldview served up by daytime tv, the Daily Mail, Fox News, etc. etc. (!)

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@kohakuebisu: distorted worldview by - ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, WAPO, NYT - you forgot to mention those - I wonder why?

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Strip poker anyone?

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