Tokyo's Lolita subculture thumbs nose at men


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the refined beauty that they feel Western women strive for

Doesn't mean they attain it

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A great fashion statement if you plan on walking behind a hearst during a funeral.

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They are just fashion victims like most other young wonem in Japan. The clothes are expensive, and hey have their own special designers. It isn`t like goth or punk when it started and people made their own clothes and look.

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Are you so sure of that?

2-parter report on Gothloli:

Some info into a guy that help promote the look: He has his own fashion range now too.


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Interesting. Seems like female otaku. Where the male otaku dive into their figurines in order to avoid social interaction, these gals dive into their dolly-dresses to avoid men and avoid having to keep up with western fashion expectations.

Actually met one of these girls before, though I thought she was just being a goth-girl. Very socially inept. The Japanese staff shook their heads, but I found that she was just very shy.

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I think all this cosplay is for mentally challenged people, scary...

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“One of the salient points about Lolita is that it is really a fashion that is not intended to attract men,” he said. “The women are creating their own world into which they can get away from the pressures of the larger society.”

Ummm.... are they aware of the origin of the name 'Lolita', also used in the Japanese perversion 'Loli-kon' (men who like under-age girls)? I don't care whether it's INTENDED to attract men or not (and realistically speaking, any man that's attracted to the style of a little girl really does have a Lolita complex and might need help), they ought to choose a better word to express their (lack of) style.

Anyway, whoever thinks that these girls are 'taking charge' and making their own world to escape social pressures are complete fools. These are mostly girls who didn't 'escape' social pressures, but have fled them; ie, a whole lot of people with social problems. Granted, there are those who don't, and have willingly chosen this fashion, and my hats off to them, but there are even more who have found this is the only niche they think they can relate to. But with that comes heaps of pressure within the group, etc. In other words, the same kind of social crap you get anywhere else. They're not escaping anything but reality.

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It is a small step towards individuality although, if there are many people wearing the same get-ups it's hardly individual, is it? I think it looks ridiculous! Japan has always had a '20 years after the fact' cult culture. This crap died out in the eighties.

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This same article was printed in my local newspaper.

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Like the article says, I think this fashion has nothing to do with men or sexuality. The Lolita name seems to apply more to a concept than a disorder.

This is fashion. Like any subculture group anywhere in the world. They love it, they have fun with it and it makes them feel good. So I support and encourage them to go with it.

Afterall we live life one time. Why should we bend to the narrow concepts of fashion that society imposes. If there is something that makes you happy go for it. And more power to them. Afterall you have to admire someone who manages to escape the dull ominipresent office fashion that most of us are stuck with day in and day out.

As for escaping reality. Is the corporate world any more real? Companies come and go, stability is not always there. It is populated with personalities that have inflated egos and temperments of children. Everyone dresses the same in boring dull suits and bad 3/7 haircuts. Ols all have the same expensive bags and are almost interchangeable.

And is drinking alcohol with clients and co-workers any less an escape? Or the salarymen in their kabakura any less an effort at escape? Or shopping for the OLs any less an escape?

Let's be fair. Every human being on the planet has some little escape to get away from things that stess them out. Escapes vary with each society and subgroup, but everyone has one. Reality is hard and coping with it means having ways to put it aside for a while. If these girls want this to be their way of achieving that, the not one of us has the right to restrict them.

More power to them and to all people who are lucky enough to have found a way to cope with reality. Afterall the news is filled lately with those how failed to find healthy outlets and escapes. Which would you rather have, more Lolita girls around the station or more knife weilding stressed out suit wearing salarymen? You decide.

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with all the male interest in Lolita sub-culture(by evidence of these posts), I'm sure Lolito sub-culture is not far behind???

Does this mean Lolitos (guys) wear dresses and have frilly umbrellas also?

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would have been nice to include some pictures to go along with this article

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I like the look. It's charming and refreshing. There is a lot of diversity within the style, so it allows for more individuality than the name would suggest. The clothes are expensive, which is probably why many girls buy parts of their outfits second hand or make them by hand. As long as they are having fun and feel good about themselves, no harm is being done and they're cute to look at.

There is a Lolito(male) culture. The look is dapper and feminine, sort of like a European prince from the 18th Century.



have been nice. Here is a link to a so-so gallery from wikipedia.

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What is all this about? I am an old man from England. i thought lolita was an under age temptress.

What is this all about? I am only just learning about things in Japan lately, `cos me granson is going to work there soon.

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Just more social retardation in one of the worlds modern Gamoras. Fashion of any sort is lame, from Hip hop to cowboy to Goth to trannie to punk to Elvis. Shallow minds filling the vacuums in their lives with possesions and image. A complete separation from the spiritual and lofty. Sad....just sad.

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If it's being reported on, it's mainstream.

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they are right it doesn't atract men it atracts Otaku's always fun to see these guys oogling lollicon figures while the real deal stand a few meters from them :p

Oh and Mana (Ex-Malice- mizer) was about the first that promoted the style and he is Male!

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Someone help out Mr. Garnett with a succinct explanation... My brain's tired right now.

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Mr. Garnett, take a peek here: <-- The article can do better than I could.

The Goth look and Lolita look have kind of melded here. Quite interesting, in my view.

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SmithinJapan, well said.

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I live in an area where there's strict conformism in dress, style, thought, music, etc., also meaning no gays or non-christians, so I support anyone who expresses their own personality and style. Don't like it? As long as they're not committing a crime, ignore them and get on with your life.

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"also meaning no gays or non-christians,"

Sorry but I just have ask, where the hell do you live?!


Why should anybody take against Lolitas? They are harmless, mostly silly cute, sometimes very odd, but always harmless. Leave the girls alone they are doing what they enjoy & they are NOT telling you how you should live. Alot of the clothes they make themselves so they not spending stupid money on stupidly expensive bags & whatever else. They are fun & they can make the streets fun & interesting too.

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I like the "Cowardly Lion" look. Big mane of hair with a bow and bright lipstick. Bert Lahr would be proud.

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Lol, my first encounter with the gosu-loli style was way back in 2002, and that was a group in harajuku led by a 1m90 male. freaky

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As someone who participates in this fashion, I can actually support this article (in general). Some of the descriptions are not exactly accurate, but as this was not written by someone involved in lolita fashion, it is acceptable.

Instead of dressing "sexy" (Japanese gyaru fashion), girls flocked to lolita fashion. It has historical roots in many periods (Rococo, Edwardian, American 1950's, etc). It is modest, and that's the main point. It is in no way associated with the true definition of lolita. Unfortunately, the Japanese have a habit of taking words out of context and meaning (ahem, Kanji anyone?) and creating their own meanings.

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