U.S. schools criticized for bans on dreadlocks, Afros


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A very interesting article. Though appalling to think that this oppression of women and men of colour is still going on, it'sgreat that this kind of behaviour gets the kind of negative reaction it deserves.

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i second that.

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I third that.

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I disagree with the people of color wording.

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Pretty soon they will ban bald students because it's has a white supremacy attached to it. Freedom taken away one inch at a time.

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Dreadlocks are disgusting. I had a few friends at Uni with dreads and they're basically huge tangles of hair rubbed together. You can't brush them, and trying to shampoo them just rinses the outside. They get oily, dirt gets trapped inside and they're unhygenic.

Yes, I agree that some hairstyles mentioned in this article, like cornrows, are just fine, but I can COMPLETELY get behind someone banning dreadlocks on hygiene grounds.

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I disagree with the people of color wording

Because you think the correct expression is...?

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Tiana is really cute. I had the same hairstyle for a while at her age. They didn't say anything at school.

Because you think the correct expression is...?

People. Everybody has colors. I have yet to meet a transparent person. That's total ***** (censored) that feel the need of sorting others by shades.

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It's easier to attack something as visible as a student's hair than it is to examine the failings of school systems and of parents who aren't involved enough in their children's education.

"No problem with the school system -- Hey! Look at this kid's hair!"

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Afros are the coolest! All the sheaved heads these days...Boring!!!

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If you do a bit of research you will find that the Deborah Brown Schools is a 98% black administration. It was blacks calling for the ban on dreads and other hairstyles. A fact that is not mentioned in many of the articles. So I'm not finding this to be as much racial, I feel it's more of a snobbery issues.

Growing up in the intercity school systems in a middle size city, living close to public housing I've seen many blacks "attack" other blacks for being too dark, too nappy headed, too "ghetto" (just a few words I heard growing up). And as for these hairstyles causing problems in classrooms, well it's crap. I have never once witnessed or heard anyone talk about someones dreads or cornrows causing a disruption in class. It was part of the times and cultures. One girl had a huge afro, you couldn't see the board if you sat behind her, but she kept it clean and beautiful and sat in the back of the class with no problem, I myself wore my long hair in what we called "puppy-dog pony tails" in the 70's, they stuck out pretty far and didn't cause a disturbance.

Just one more thing for one person (doesn't matter if they are black, white, yellow or red) who feels dreads and cornrows are too "ghetto" for society trying to change everyone around them to "look" like them.


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Everybody has colors. I have yet to meet a transparent person. That's total ***** (censored) that feel the need of sorting others by shades.

And thus you try to erase the negative experiences of men and women of colour who have been treated badly because of the colour of their skin and the texture of their hair. It's very easy for you to dismiss it, when it doesn't affect you.

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