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Unsure future for city in shadow of nuclear plant


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It is a tough decision. We don't know how long there are a confirmation of effectively and safely controlling all atomic radiation dusts and contamination in those cities and towns in a radius of 20km to 30km from the crippled nuclear power plant.

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There are still people living within the exclusion zone around Chernobyl, 25 years later.

“We Japanese grow up hearing stories about the horrors of radiation, about Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” he said. “We, as a people, have a special fear of radiation. It’s just so mysterious. It causes an irrational fear. We don’t know what to think.”

Never took an intro physics class? The education system needs to stop being so emotional about radiation. There is radiation everywhere and there are different types and they have different effects, etc. Gravity is invisible and it can kill you too if you get into a bad situation. Radiation is conceptually no different. Just another aspect of our physical world. No need to get emotional about it or play up your ethnicity. It's not that mysterious, either. You can study it and quantify it mathematically. It is only magic to those who don't know anything about it.

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I wish these people the best of luck. The videos I have seen here on Japanese tv are horrible. So massive and so frightening. I am braced for the Tokyo Kanto plane to get its share too.

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May God bless the wonderful people of Japan..

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Gotta stop be so freaking negative and downright pessimistic! Kikichu san open your eyes sir! No future..the thinking is just so dog gone wrong! Cant give up man! You cant be weak! You can make the future bright or dark, just depends on which one you choose! Live life to the fullest please!

Of course you have a future, that`s up to you to make that happen!

I continue to say this thorium not uranium---get a clue Tepco! Certainly nuclear reactors can be much safer! Uranium is the bad news! Someone hasn`t done their homework and maybe weak in learning the harder subjects like Math, and Science. These are absolutely necessary!

T. Boone Pickens Pickens Plan---learn this people because this guy may have the right idea here as well!

Fusion energy ITER as well

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And Kikuchi san should be most thankful hes alive! You havent lost that so ganbare!

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One more meant to add: Kikuchi san please always think of how to make it better! Make it better not worse man! That`s the way to go!

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I'm hoping and quite sure Japan is going to rise above this challenge like it did before.

As we've learned, the innovative cultures are the products of challenge, based on this, I'd suggest the crisis-hit area be the epicenter of promising renewable energy.

That'll present renewed hopes for the region, world, and the young ones ahead.

The Japanese are better known as those loving their country. Presently, I'm eagerly waiting for the affluent people to put a lot more in the "Future" energy.

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