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Vending machine sells chilled work gloves to the delight of many

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By grape Japan

It's getting to the point that you can't be surprised by what Japanese vending machines sell. With fancy French gourmet meals and canned ramen broth, vending machine menus in Japan can go well beyond standard drinks and snacks.

Twitter user and ceramics maker Fuse Neko (@c_a_takurofuse) may have found one that would surprise anybody, however. They were recently shocked to see that a vending machine they stumbled upon sold "chilled" work gloves. Intrigued by the item they just had to buy it--and found out it was exactly what it said it was.

Photo: @c_a_takurofuse

In Japanese vending machines, drinks are marked as hot or cold below each displayed item--the gloves are curiously marked as cold. When Fuse Neko bought a pair, they came out in a cool can--which they opened up to reveal a chilled pair of work gloves.

Photo: @c_a_takurofuse

As random as it may seem, many on Twitter were thrilled and amused by the idea. In cold weather, buying a hot drink from a vending machine to hold and warm yourself with as you make your way to work or school is one way to beat the weather, so in the hot and humid summer heat, throwing on a pair of ice cold gloves could definitely come in handy--you also get a pair of gloves to use in the future!

If you'd like to check out some of the ceramic works of Fuse Neko (TwitterInstagram), you can follow them and check out their online shop--which has some pretty cute ceramic kitties.

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Aaaah, do they have frozen inserts or instantly get hot the minute you put them on ?

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