Virtual model imma to pose in fashion magazine with real models, advertising makeup brand

By Dale Roll, SoraNews24

You might remember virtual model imma, whose trendy selfies and street-style Instagram photos have earned her tens of thousands of followers, along with worldwide attention. What sets her apart from other models is not her fashion or makeup style, however, though those are unique in their own way; it’s the fact that she isn’t real! imma is entirely a CG construct, designed to look so incredibly realistic that if we hadn’t been told that she didn’t exist, we would never have known.

Such is her realistic beauty, and her growing fame, that she’s booked herself her first major photoshoot! She’s appearing in a digital article from fashion magazine i-D Japan sporting KATE cosmetics, alongside two real models. How does the digital beauty of imma compare to the beauty of real humans?


KATE, by Kanebou Cosmetics, is a makeup brand marketed towards Asian women, which goes by the motto “No more rules”, emphasizing individuality and freedom in makeup design. The brand has a base makeup series called “THE BASE ZERO“, which includes foundation that prides itself in being light and smooth while still thoroughly covering blemishes. The products come in both liquid and powder form, in six colors each, and with mild SPF protection.


You can see imma and her human co-models Mayben and Aria wearing KATE THE BASE ZERO in a special article on i-D Japan’s website. The makeup and looks were coordinated by renowned hair and makeup artist Torii, who sought to re-imagine beauty with their design, and with the use of a digital model. The article discusses what beauty is and how it changes with the times, and there’s even an interview with all three models, including imma. Unfortunately, it’s all in Japanese, but if you can find someone to translate it for you, you might find it very interesting!

With the blossoming of highly realistic virtual idols like imma and the newly debuted meme, who is turning beauty standards on their head, the world of fashion modeling is changing. In fact, with technology that can even produce an incredibly realistic human voice, with AIs designing their own idol faces, and with virtual YouTubers scoring anime voice acting gigs, we might soon be approaching a time when we no longer need real celebrities.

Source, images: PR Times

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Man, I thought AI was going to replace humans but now it seems even CGI is doing that! lol!

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Of course regular photos are also retouched but it seems to be a step further down the road to misleading advertising if there is no real model to show the product on. Especially with the level of subtility required with makeup colours etc.

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How funny that people will buy eternally young makeups advertised by avatars.

I cannot stop laughing on the stupidity of human being.

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