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Virtual YouTuber video lets viewers experience what it’s like to dine with an anime girl

By Koh Ruide, SoraNews24

While virtual YouTubers are a dime a dozen these days, the ones pumping out quality content seem to have the upper hand in keeping their fanbase happy.

And for popular virtual YouTuber Siro, she certainly doesn’t disappoint. One of her latest endeavors involves her sitting down at a dinner table and sharing a warm home-cooked meal with fans. Viewers are advised to watch the video while enjoying their own, as her casual conversation makes it feel like the both of you are having an intimate date.

▼ Why eat alone when you can do so with a cute virtual companion?

Siro is, for the most part, simply happy to watch the viewer eat like a curious little mouse. Asking about their day and making jokes about food, the entire 20-minute experience feels like a meal with a virtual girlfriend.

▼ “By the way, this here’s the grape juice. Since I’m zero years old, I can only drink grape juice.”


The coquettish YouTuber isn’t afraid to show her mischievous side, and is often seen teasing viewers with things like: “I made this food for us, but can you clean it up for me?”

At one point in the video, she even tries her best to not stare at you eating, then squeals in delight when she gets caught doing so.

Fans of Siro thoroughly enjoyed the video and experience, with some taking pictures of their meals and sharing it on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.28.45.png
Photo: @wkbAst

Amused netizens thought it was a fantastic idea:

“We won’t feel lonely if we do this on Christmas, right?”

“I want a series of married life videos with Siro.”

“It feels like I’ve become Siro’s husband!”

“With this, we can say goodbye to eating alone.”

“I want Siro to feed me with her spoon.”

Although the concept of eating with cute anime girl characters isn’t new — you can do it with five charming ramen girls — Siro’s is perhaps the first of its kind in both length and quality. If you’re hoping for some excellent company to spice up that dinner, you can always rely on Siro.

Source: YouTube/Siro Channel, Twitter/@wkbAst via Otakomu

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Because... it's not bad enough to watch a REAL person and pretend it's with them some are so desperate to do it with a cartoon instead? I can see where this goes next. Just don't upset her, guys... or you'll be relegated to sleeping on the virtual couch and watching anime porn 'cause you're cartoon girl is mad at ya! Sheesh.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

I guess it's the same experience as dining with a super annoying, fake voiced, "kiss the ground I walk on" real J girl.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

I see this only going 2 ways. Siro trains guys how to interact with human beings by promoting personal hygiene, pointers on conversation on a date, and how to take it a step further. Or the viewer gets addicted to Uber eats, never leaves his flat, and his decomposing body is found face down in a bowl of ramen 1 month beyond expiration by the NHK collector.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

It just makes no sense -- and I Don't mean from a personal perspective. For example, let's say you pay for a dating service: you get a "girlfriend" for a meal and an evening out. She's young, beautiful, and fun (or you can reverse it with a young, handsome man if you like). In that case, you get to see what it's like (although fake) to be with such a person. But saying having lunch with an anime girl let's you see what it's like to... have lunch with an anime girl? That's like saying downloading an app that simulates eating truffles gives you the experience of imagining eating them.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

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