Want to live forever? Theoretically, you could, study says


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I don't think I would want to live to 130 or even 122 for that matter. I'd rather go peacefully in my 90's, mind and body still in tact.

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There's no quality of can't shag.

Nothing wakes you up in the morning like imagining centenarians shagging!

I think as long as you have your wits and you can move about, old age is fine.

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Unless we start getting into transhumanist singularity type discussions (in which case sign me up), I have no desire to live that long. Once my mental capabilities start to go, I would be ready regardless of when that is. I would rather die at 60 as myself, rather than 110 with full blown dementia. Alzheimer's and dementia is far scarier to me than death is.


I disagree, I absolutely know people who have felt they lived enough and were at peace and ready to pass. There is something to be said for passing on with your mental faculties intact in a time and place of your choosing.

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YOU don't die. Your body does though. It's a machine and all machines wear out in time.

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 Except for rare cases, no one wants to die

My grandfather died at 95. I was just a kid, and the last time I met him, I said, "Go, Grandpa! You can live longer!" He looked at me and said, "I've lived long enough." And I thought: This man was born before indoor plumbing and was living now in the age of the Space Shuttle. Nothing further on this world could surprise him. There remained only one great mystery: death. And so he embraced it.

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That's not living. It's only been alive. There's no quality of life. You can't eat and drink what you like, you can't walk properly, you can't remember much, you can't shag. You can't travel anywhere. Can anyone point out any qualities at that age?

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At the rate things are going, there will be no human life on Earth in about 50 years due to the destruction of our environment.

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Well, I believe that with advances in medical sciences, improvement of quality of life, and decrease in mortal conflicts, accidents, etc., the life span of humans will expand more and more. And more importantly, quality of life as well. I know 80 year olds who constantly play tennis, go hiking in the mountains, etc.

Wikipedia gives some interesting insights about life span of humans in history. Of course, infant death, wars, plagues and epidemics heavily influence, but it is still impressing how far the human race evolved.

"Beginning of the 19th century world average: about 29 years. Demographic research suggests that at the beginning of the 19th century no country in the world had a life expectancy longer than 40 years. India were about 25, while Belgium was around 40. For Europe as a whole, it was about 33 years.

19th-century world average: 28.5–32 years. Over the course of the century: Europe rose from ~33 to 43, the Americas from ~35 to 41, Oceana ~35 to 48, Asia ~28, Africa 26.

1900 world average: 31–32 years. Around 48 in Oceana, 43 in Europe, and 41 in the Americas.[43] ~47 in the U.S.

1950 world average: 45.7 – 48 years. Around 60 years in Europe, North America, Oceania, Japan and parts of South America, but only 41 in Asia and 36 in Africa. Norway had double that with 72, while in Mali it was merely 26.

2019-2020 world average72.6–73.2 years."

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If medical science can slow the degenerative process, I’d be happy to take everything I can get. Active and compus till 130 sounds like the dream. I want to be able to live as long as I want to live.

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I want to have a body of a thirty year old, mind of a 50-60 y/o and live until 130.

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Death may well have been a part of life, but it doesn’t have to be. Humans have the capacity to change that.

The body is not a machine, that is a false comparison, it is a biological mechanism which currently is programmed to degenerate. Change that programming (not easy and we do not yet know enough to attempt it) and it can renew its self, and there are creatures which do this and have no inbuilt age limit. It is theoretically possible for the body not to age.

Wheter you as an individual find the prospect of such extremely long existence (how about 5000 or 15000 years?) is down to you. Personally I would find it fascinating.

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I doubt we'll find how to live to 150 scientifically.

In this article, no science reasons given so the assertion that a human can live up to 150 and even 130 is plain theory with no grounds.

And even if a solution is found, you bet politicians will not implement just to save the economy.

To get a taste about that type of future, I propose you to read The immortals (Le grand secret) from R. Barjavel.

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I'd rather go peacefully in my 90's, mind and body still in tact.

This one made my day. ROFL

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In this article, no science reasons given so the assertion that a human can live up to 150 and even 130 is plain theory with no grounds.

They are, very clearly, you apparently just did not understand what the article is talking about,

The work involves extrapolating from existing data, but Davison said that was a logical approach.

"Any study of extreme old age, whether statistical or biological, will involve extrapolation," he said.

The scientific basis is clear, what is not included are explanations of how this happens, but for the purpose of demonstrating if it is possible or not this has no relevance.

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If someone is healthy in body and spirit, good for them. Personally I think hitting 75 is good enough for me. I've been suffering from arthrosis since my mid-twenties and if you can't walk half a mile without pain setting in, how can you enjoy nature? What will be left of my beloved forests and coasts in 20 or more years?

I don't want to live forever. I just want to go placidly, with enough time to settle my accounts, make peace with everyone, and not struck down by sudden accident or stroke. Even cancer doesn't scare me as it would give me the time needed.

Who wants to live forever?

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I would like to be uploaded to a computer for my ever after. Living as a baba does not appeal to me.

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Life without death would be an inhuman existence, horrifying beyond human imagination. Thankfully, since our bodies are machines and all machines wear out in time, as Bwooster commonsensibly avers, we will never have to fear " a life eternal". Any old person unlucky enough to "outlive" a functioning body can confirm the sweet balm of mortality's belated arrival.

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So pensions would start at age 85?

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Shagging is part of daily life. When no longer possible, fade away!

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