What in the Wordle? Five-letter puzzle craze goes global


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In the UK, they call this 'Lingo'.

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Not so very new, but really quite interesting. Someone, I’ve read about last week, has even already developed an AI attempt, so that he can already solve 98% or so by help of a few Python program lines. But then the game or riddle is losing its charm and becomes uninteresting, like playing chess against a big computer that of course also wins. Makes no fun anymore then, right?

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None of the words are Kanji

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Not quite, @Yrral 1:00am. Kanji” itself would qualify as a five-letter-word. So would “quite” (or “quiet”) for that matter.

*- @Yrral 1:00am: “None of the words are Kanji”.*

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Can anyone else write a relevant post here using just ‘five-letter-words’, ie: *“Women never mince words.” *?

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