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What part of a woman's face do men pay attention to most?


What part of a woman's face do men inspect when first getting intimate? That's the question posed to 200 adult males and females between the ages of 20 and 30 in a survey carried out by Kai Corp, which makes beauty care products.

Well, the answer is that a large number of men first notice a woman's fine soft hair (lanugo). But many men also said they pretend not to notice anything.

For the survey, Kai Corp interviewed men and women in their 20s and 30s on women's facial hair and men's awareness of it.

Among women respondents, 1 in 5 said that they don’t pay much attention to their facial hair or that they hardly tend to it. Meanwhile, 40% of men answered that when getting intimate, a woman's facial hair is the first thing they noticed. However, about 40% of men said they would never remark on it to their wife, girlfriend or crush.

The survey also showed that men tend to notice the facial hair more than black pores, open pores, panda eye bags and rough lips. The same survey revealed that many women are concerned with grimy pores the most.

According to stylist Miyuki Watanabe, who runs the Nomura Marui store, which helped with the survey, "A woman's facial lanugo cycle (loss and growth) is every 20 days they say, so it is ideal to shave the lanugo every 20 days or once a month."

Dr Nomura Yuko, head of Nomura Dermatology, says that “When shaving, it is best to avoid the menstrual period, after a sunburn, and when the skin is sensitive. Outside of the bath, a razor should be kept in a sanitary place and a safe and clean razor should be used.”

So what's the big deal about all this? The problem of female facial hair is something that could ruin a potential relationship, Kai Corp concludes in its survey report. To be able to go about one's business with dazzling looks and confidence, you ought to properly tend to any unneeded facial scruff, the company advises.

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Maybe it is just me, but I don't think the Japanese definition of "lanugo" is the same as in English. According to Wikipedia:


it seems like a very different thing. But the correlation between lanugo and anorexia surely explains why many women in Japan have it.

Having said that, I have kind of given up on surveys of the people of Japan. They seem to lie or are afraid of what will think of their responses. Or something. It is anonymous for chrissakes!

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facial hair? Since when are women monkey? Usually women shave EVERYTHING off, including eyebrows, really NOT cute. I usually look at the lips and teeth.

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So what’s the big deal about all this? The problem of female facial hair is something that could ruin a potential relationship, Kai Corp concludes in its survey report.

"katte" its Kai's thinking, i would prefer hairy....!

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wow.. this is weird.. but. oddly i think it's somewhat true.. I'm in America and light-haired.. actually was born with white hair, and the little hairs that cover all your body, even on your face are all very light for me so I never notice. Maybe because JPNese women have dark hair naturally those little hairs are more obvious???? Oddly, my husband started mentioning that all those little hairs bother him; most of all, on my face!. How strange. I'm not waxing my whole face >< uhg. Eyebrows and upper lip are a limit, for vanity's sake, but .. because of that concern from him I'd be agreeing with this poll on that note!

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What do I notice first about a woman's face ... why her eyes, of course. I like the way Japanese women doll up their eyes ... very sexy. I am also amused as to what some of these same babes look like without their makeup. Often still cute, but in a different way. No matter what .. eyes get my attention first.

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This is one of the biggest reason why Japanese couples don't last... Why not try to more romantic like choosing the EYES OR LIPS...

Well, i guess they really know how to piss a girl...

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Lanugo isn't 'facial hair', it's the body hair that grows on the fetus in the womb and usually disappears around week 36. Some babies are born hairy, and lose the hair soon after birth.

Facial hair isn't something I've ever worried about, being naturally fair, but I do have some friends with dark hair who do worry about facial hair - moustaches and sideburns, mostly. When you get married in Japan at one of the wedding palaces, one of the services they offer is removal of facial hair. T'would seem to suggest that facial hair doesn't stop a lady getting her man, but she don't want it in the wedding photos.

I wudda thought bristly stubble from shaving every three weeks or so would be more off-putting than a bit of downy hair, but there you go.

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What part of a woman's face do men pay attention to most?

I pay attention to the breasts. But 90% of japanese women don`t have that here. So, I pay attention to the buttocks.

facial hair ????? I don`t see facial hair. Usually italian women have alot of facial hair.

But legs. Some women I did see had to much hair on their legs.

For me

1) buttocks 2) teeth 3) breasts 4) hair style 5) less make up ( GOOD )

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Mmmmm, I smell a bit of a rat here. I wonder if they haven't developed a new product to remove facial hair or something, and are now on the march to flog it to paranoid and self conscious young ladies. Personally, I never notice it unless there is a lot of it, and there never seems to be. I'm an eyes guy, like Edojin. My wife has incredible eyes. She has the power with them eyes......

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If she's wearing a burkha, the eyes.

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this clearly aimed at the Japanese mentality and for chick magazines. Sorry guys.

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The nostrils, of course.

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I make sure the guy does not have hanage and mimige. And clean teeth.

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I always look at form first. Individual parts such as face, breast, buttocks, and legs pale in comparison to how well they fit together to form a lovely woman. Equally important is dressing classy with respect to one's features, I'm a slave to aesthetics.

As for the face, eyes first then mouth. I like a touch of eye shadow just enough to make the natural color of the eye pop and maybe some foundation but other than that make-up does more to hide feminine beauty than enhance it. Facial hair needs attending, I'm a large latin man and I take great pains to keep my facial hair trim and my unibrow waxed. Nobody should go about life trying to impress others but for God's sake ladies you owe it to yourselves to show off your beauty.

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Took me a sec to figure out what you were talking about, JapanGal. "Hanage" - too funny! If you had italicized it or put it in quotes or even in Japanese it would have been better. Thought the word was a cousin of "garbage" at first.

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I would have to say the eyes. It's all in the placement in conjunction with the nose and mouth. I prefer a woman with far-set eyes. The mouth must not being too distant from the eyes, and the eyes should be parallel with the mouth and not too outsized. Bangs are nice, too, but I suppose they are not part of the face. However, if she has a nice, gentle personality, none of the above even matters.

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"I wonder if they haven't developed a new product to remove facial hair or something, and are now on the march to flog it to paranoid and self conscious young ladies."

Of course this a survey biased to sell a product. Kai sells razors and knives. And I'm certainly not an expert here, but isn't it better for women to wax facial hair rather than shave it? Is that true ladies?

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the parts that begin about 8 inches down from the chin

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Was a shocker for me when I learned what those odd razors at the grocery store are for! Had former OL students scream in shock when I told them I certainly don't shave. Thankfully I have light hair and I feel for those with dark hair but shaving?? No thanks. I would use a cream or get waxed before shaving. Lasers are now and option as well.

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Face? Oh ya the place they point to and say "Hey up here"! while we are in deep conversation after three beers.

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They wanted to know what part of the female face men inspect so they ask WOMEN????

This whole thing stinks of getting Kai's name and their products in the news.

Shameless free adversising is what this is! Even Hollywood actors go about this practice more subtle.

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Eyebrows. Finding a Japanese female over 15 who hasn't totally wrecked her eyebrows is like winning the lottery. And now the boys are doing it too, if only they knew how stupid they look.

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to the woman with more of a lighter hair... i do enjoy the fact im a blonde and what little facial hair i do have its unnoticeable unless you STAAAARE. but for the girls with darker hair they should if they don't want to shave should try bleaching.. upper lip, unwanted cheek and side burn hair.. or chin hairs. bleaching does work wonders because it makes it less noticeable and add some cover up and your good to go ^w^

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