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When is St Nicholas Day? And how did this Christian saint inspire the Santa Claus legend?


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Here in England he is more commonly called Father Christmas although Santa is becoming more common, mostly because of the influence of Hollywood.

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Nicholas has been an inspiration to kids for centuries. His humility, simplicity, obedience, and his spirit of cooperation are legendary. Young and the young at heart find Nicholas a source of encouragement and entertainment. Taking away monotony, good old Nicholas makes life exciting by his generous gift-giving.

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Here in England he is more commonly called Father Christmas although Santa is becoming more common, mostly because of the influence of Hollywood.

Father Christmas, or Pere Noel as known in France, is actually a different figure, and pagan in origin. Over time,Father Christmas and St. Nicholas have become interchangeable, but Father Christmas is a pagan figure, who represented the midwinter festivities. He was eventually merged into the Christmas tradition and then St. Nicholas was merged with him.

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Santa has got nothing to do with christian. The Christian jump on board the Pagan winter solstice celebration band wagon to persuade the Pagan to take up the Christianity. Santa is for ever eternity were religions will come and go. Santa has always be a constant in all societies from the beginning of time. Mate Santa owns flying Reindeer and Kangaroos. That out does any religious entity in my book. Read the Jesus story, A pregnant Mary and Joe took off from Beth to Nazareth ( 30 km ) one night on a donkey. No way a donkey can travel 30 km in a night. Plus there no mention of snow being December 23 and who in their right mind would travel while 9 months Pregnant in the middle of winter in below -0c temperatures. See where to story don,t gel. It a big fairytale. not true. Where Santa is as real as life. HO HO HO Santas.

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St Nick's Day is the 6th, today is the 7th, a day late.

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Santa Claus is a myth figure based on a real person. But then again, there's a lot of famous/notorious who are and that's not necessarily bad or wrong. Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha means various things to a lot of people but he lived and died over 2500 years ago. Elvis Presley is a pioneering rock'n'roll superstar who has been deified even though he didn't ask for it (I know, two of my neighbors when I was growing up were strong religious devotees).

And Saint Nicholas was real too. His real life is a facet of the Christian religion and the tradition of gift-giving and helping out those down on their luck. All those modern traits really came only in the past 100 years (like the Coca-Cola ads showing him in a red suit). Ideas change, mythology grows over time.

For the most part it's good fun. What isn't so good is that now Christmas is just a time to spend a lotta money. It's become grossly too commercialized and strayed from the original intent. And in another blog here, I mentioned that on Christmas Day the cinemas will be open so families can see an unnecessary remake of the 1985 classic 'The Color Purple'. Not St. Nick. Not Christianity. Disgusting.

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Interesting that Krampus Night is the day before Saint Nicholas Day. Does Krampus doing his rounds the night before make Nick’s job a little easier? :)

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