Who needs a license? Self-driving cars coming our way

By Ben Klayman

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It will happen.

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Japan's drivers are in need of all the help they can get...

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So if an accident happens, who is liable?

I guess the idea of a police chase will end too as no doubt the police will have a remote slow down and stop switch.

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Can't wait for it to happen so I can spend all that lost time behind the wheel on reading some books.

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"Can't wait for it to happen so I can spend all that lost time behind the wheel on reading some books."

Or drinking beer.

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Telematics is the field covering these auto-driven cars and their relationship to the outside environment, including car navigation systems; engine and component management; part maintenance, repair and supply; ETC systems; battery charging systems; credit card payments systems; social networking (yes Facebook is included along with your address book and calendar). Challenges include bandwidth and wireless systems, security between different modules, e.g. drive management and infotainment, and the required safety measures when communication or systems fail, or your credit card does not work due to a bank glitch and your ETC is rendered invalid.

However, in a recent conference on these systems, not one of the speakers or any of the attendees had a car that utilised these system. Do as I say, not do as I do!

One must all think what happens when a "driver" used to these driverless cars travels to a less developed country and faces a car with a steering wheel, pedals, gearbox and must use a map. I guess it will keep the local taxi drivers busy!

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Sure, let's take all the fun out of driving. If you're too lazy to drive, catch a train or bus instead.

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So people will want to keep the thrill of driving, huh? Driving is one of the worse possible ways to get a thrill. How come the super rich employ chauffeurs? As far as "accidents", there never has been any; just inattention to the task at hand, as far as driving is concerned; or very bad judgement.

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God, I love living in the future.

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Hasn't Volvo developed this? There was a news story a few months ago where a convoy of self-driving cars had been cruising around Sweden. Also I'm pretty sure Mercedes developed one too?

I'm still waiting for flying cars or hover cars ^_^

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Who needs a license?

I'm quite shocked to find they actually have licenses in Japan considering how (too) many Japanese "drive".

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I think that even with a self driving car the person who owns the vehicle and possibly anyone else who uses it should have a license (Who really wants a self driving Ferrari?). What about when you need to fill up on fuel? That said I still look forward to self driving vehicles becoming mainstream so I won't have to mentally exhaust myself driving to and from places. Imagine how much stress can be cut with one of these systems taking on those long road trips. Plus the biggest thing (that some people try to resist for some reason) is that if all cars had to run on automated systems, THERE WOULD BE WAY LESS ACCIDENTS. Each vehicle would be able to communicate with each other on the road their position and speed etc, allowing the other automated vehicles to adjust and keep a steady traffic flow.

This will be awsome.

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With well computered control traffic in jam area, this will advantageously replace taxi at an affordable rate. No need for a car anymore for all daily trip.

For the driving lovers, anyway the only left option now for having fun is a racing track, or remote countryside and mountain roads.

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For the driving lovers, anyway the only left option now for having fun is a racing track, or remote countryside and mountain roads

Most places.

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@NeverSubmit "police chase...remote slow down and stop switch"

Anti remote shielding or scrambler business opportunity. There's also the trusty turn up the radio a little louder trick!

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"Who needs a license?" I wonder if you'll need an "operator'" license.

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Self-driving car!


We could really use it in Okinawa where there are no trains and it's quicker to walk than take the bus.

There's only one thing that would worry me . . .

Please, please don't let it run on Windows!

I certainly wouldn't want the System to freeze up on me doing 100kph round a tight corner!

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Ha. gives a new meaning to "Blue Screen of Death" Bertie!

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"Car! To me!" I can just see it now... waiting at the office door, and your car comes to pick you up and take you home.

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airplanes with million dollars spend on auto-pilot function and frequent check ups still crash. Can't put my live on this technology yet!!

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Will the cars of the future be like Kit , or those annoying Johnny cabs in Arnie's Total Recall ?

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