Why do we hate the sound of our own voices?

By Neel Bhatt

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I thought I sounded much like Johnny Depp but found I sound more like Bubbles.

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I've been told I sound like me. That's enough.

What you appreciate, appreciates.

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I like the sound of my own voice. I sound better in recordings, too.

Still can't sing for crap, though!

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Interesting and informative. No human beings ever heard the sound of their own voices on a recording until the late 19th century. I guess our ancestors were lucky in that way. Now, of course, we're in the age of Zoom so endless hours of your recorded voice (and face) are available if you work in education in particular. Fun times!

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I love my voice as well as my entire self.

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I know plenty of people who seem to love the sound of their own voice.

My voice sounds flatter than I thought it was. Good thing I don't say that much out loud.

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Very interesting. But so what? Communication is, when the information I send is received without an information change or a too big information loss (and then hopefully also is understood). Therefore it’s quite irrelevant, if there are errors in English, a higher voice pitch I or the counterpart likes or dislikes or in written form a typo exists. Don’t care too much. lol

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It’s my singing voice that makes me cringe more than my speaking voice. Someone recorded me at Christmas singalong years ago with me, my brother and my dad playing the ‘The Weight’ and I did a verse.

Bloody awful. Didn’t know I was that bad.

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