Wider letter spacing helps dyslexics read: study


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Ok this begs tons of questions about the effects of different fonts, different sizes, and different spacing. I also would like to know how it affects students reading in non-roman alphabets, especially if there isn't a sound-symbol correspondence like in Chinese or with Kanji.

That being said, this is really awesome and I hope they do more research soon! And if this is the case and it doesn't negatively affect average reading speed for those without dyslexia, it would be nice if the extra spacing became standard.

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So, they just figured this out now? Had't tried this before now? Really?

I once had a Japanese student who had her masters in child psychology and she had never heard of dyslexia. We went so far as to plug it into her dictionary/translator and still she had never heard of it. So, Japanese kids can't have dyslexia? No she said. Blew my mind. On a completely different note, why is the spelling of dyslexia so complex?

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Oh, and by the by, I didn't believe her for a second.

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According to one of my Japanese language teachers, due to certain meanings being attributed to kanji, it is actually far easier for dyslexic children to learn Japanese or Chinese rather than English. An anecdote she told us was that a bilingual child in Japan (Japanese/English) was found to be dyslexic when attempting to read English, but had no such problems when reading Japanese.

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Dyslexia, ADD and ADHD are myths.

Urban legend.

But English spelling really needs some standardization.

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I found this quote online as I was interested to know if dyslexia was due to the writing system used "Professor Akira Uno at the Tsukuba University, Japan, found that between 1% and 8% had problems with one or more of the alphabets used by the Japanese and that these children also had problems learning English".

0 ( +0 / -0 ) My last post didnt include a link sorry :)

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