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Women show their enthusiasm for tattoos


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A very good mate of mine got a tattoo by a lady called Hori Ren, in Warabi, Saitama about 10 years ago. It was the first time I ever saw a tattoo and thought it truly something beautiful. He got it done before this current wave of tattoo popularity in the west, and he got it done in the traditional Japanese sense that it could be covered when needed. I honestly look at all these late teen, early 20's kids with tatts all over themselves, often in uncoverable places and I am almost certain that they will regret it badly in 20 years time, because the trend or fad - which is all it is, will pass, and unlike when you just wear clothes from a certain era, these guys have permanent body markings that will 'date' them quite clearly. Plus, so many of the tatts are just plain ugly, I have to say.

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Many of these folks will be paying thousands of dollars and enduring further pain in the future for the removal of some, if not all of their artwork choices. It's your body, if you want to get tattoos, piercings, plastic surgery, etc - go for it. But do expect some people to stare and others will judge, that won't ever change. As for myself, I must say that if you get tattoos on your neck or other normally visible real estate you may limit your job choices, however wrong that may be. Saw a Japanese guy here in Tokyo with large tats on both sides of his neck, on both hands and all ten of his fingers. He may be a wonderful, kind person and a genius to boot but I couldn't help thinking that he is in a lot of emotional pain and crying out for attention - which he'll get but perhaps the wrong kind. I have many friends with tattoos but personally I buy t-shirts if I like a certain design.

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Please don't show any articles like this here in Japan. The lovely ladies here might get the wrong idea and start to scar their beautiful skin. It's bad enough in the US of A. But keep it away from the east.

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They met look cool for a few years but then... I can't imagine how ugly it will look in 10 years. I suppose it's not my business.

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They may need more work to look like screen beauty Angelina Jolie or pop star Lady Gaga

What a rude opening line. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and those who choose to get tattoos do so for their own reasons. Also, those 2 celebrities aren't really all tattooed up like the woman in the article who spent 10 hours under the needle.

I have a tattoo and so do most of my friends back in Canada. Mine is a beautiful cherry blossom on my hip which rarely sees the light of day and gets covered when I go to the onsen. But, I love it dearly and don't think I will ever regret my choice, even when I get old or pregnant. It's just a shame that Japan has such a bad image of tottooed people because I think Japanese artists would love the option to work in this medium. I bet they could make some really beautiful art that would be proudly displayed.

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Guess they wont be going to Osen's, Gyms or working in Osaka.

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I dont understand why the Japanese cant see the difference betwen a tattoo and irezumi. I was under the impression that a irezumi was the japanese style dragons, waves, carp that cover the arms, back and shoulder ares that the yakuza have. A tattoo is much different.

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Some people dye their hair some people get tattoos, each to his own, personally i think an old man with dyed hair looks sillier than an old guy with a tattoo.

The person wearing the tattoo is the only one who needs to like it but agree tattoos on the face neck and hands can hinder job chances.

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Guess they wont be going to Osen's, Gyms or working in Osaka.

Maybe they have more sense than to come to a backward, close minded society like this in the first place....

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Cletus obviously you didnt did you !

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Cletus obviously you didnt did you !

LOL Sadly no

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Writes mitoguitarman above: Please don't show any articles like this here in Japan. The lovely ladies here might get the wrong idea and start to scar their beautiful skin.

It's already happening here in Japan. I have Japanese lady friends with tattoos. And I am seeing more and more tattoos here and there as Japanese women take to this trend. Also, there are quite a few Chinese girls sporting tattoos here in Japan. So, like it or not, the fad is with us ...

I like those full body Japanese-style tattoos, the kind the yaks get ... but am seeing less and less of them. The colors in the ones made with bamboo needles keep their colors forever, it seems. The ones made with regular electric needles seem to fade in time. As for me ... ain't nobody sticking any needle in me if I can avoid it ...

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So when you get old and wrinkly can you just whip out the iron and straighten them out?

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She said she was “considering” the move because her friends already have them. But she was still hesitating.

“It’s a way of showing your inner self without saying, ‘but I still don’t know who I am,’” she said.

Gosh that's deep. Thanks for the B.S. line, Hannah, but I'm perfectly fine not following my friends. I have a brain of my own.

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Tattoos are an ugly and barbaric form of "art" best left to primitive cultures who think a bone through the nose is "beautiful".

Even in America a visible tattoo is often called a "Career Killer" because a lot a people really HATE them.

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"For some, tattoos still feel rebellious."

For everyone, they are repulsive.

Ladies of Japan, please, please, please do not get tattoos.

There is nothing so sad as the three year old tattoo that has lost all meaning, half its color and all its cache. Then, the sadder part, when it gets burned off leaving a permanent scar.

If you are beautiful on the inside, don't scar your body with tattoos. Spend the money on real beauty, your inner world. Splurge on experience and knowledge, those things truly last a lifetime. Peace.

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For everyone, they are repulsive.

Then dont get one, but dont force your views on others. If you find them so repulsive that is your opinion but what l find repulsive is people who force their views on others just because they do not like something. No doubt there are things you do that people may find repulsive but they dont tell you not to do it....

There is nothing so sad as the three year old tattoo that has lost all meaning, half its color and all its cache. Then, the sadder part, when it gets burned off leaving a permanent scar.

Well if after 3 years it has lost its meaning and you want it taken off then you got it for the wrong reasons true. People who get them because its the in thing will regret it but people who get them for a personal reason, well they are unlikely to get them removed after 3 years.

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Cletus: "dont force your views on others" "you got it for the wrong reasons"

Hence, pleading: "Ladies of Japan, please, please, please do not get tattoos."

There are no good reasons to deface your body. There are no redeeming benefits from the scars of tattoos. Tattoos do not 'make' you beautiful. That comes from inside.

Celebrate your beauty. How can a scar enhance the inner loveliness of a Japanese woman?

The ladies of Japan should know that many find scaring the skin a permanent disfigurement; a horrible, horrible crime against beauty. Peace.

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Interesting that many folks hide them on their ankles or somewhere no one sees it and say how wonderful it is, blah, blah - expressing my innermost and deep thoughts of the new paradigm for the transformation of universal oneness, etc. blah, blah, blah. I advised my older nieces and nephews that you can express your moods and fashion sense anytime by growing a beard, wearing funky clothes, cutting and dyeing your hair in the most imaginative ways, wearing color contacts and lots of make-up but it is all temporary - wash it off, grow it back, etc. Years later you can have a laugh at the pictures. Not so with tattoos, if and when you change your mind - proper removal without scarring by a trained doctor is costly, time-consuming and painful.

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I personally prefer a lady with no tattoos and a well kept landing strip... However, it is their body and their freedom of choice. None of us have the right to judge other peoples body art.

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IMO, tattoos on women are a major turn-off. On men, just dumb-looking. Yes, it can be considered an artform. As all art, it's subjective. It's a personal choice, but no thanks.

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I work in a bank and have a large back tattoo. Kept hidden until the right opportunity arises. I have been here for 20 years (leaving in 20 days), and with a bit of skill with some towels have made it into all onsens & sports clubs. As Tokyokawasaki said freedom of choice. On ya' cletus too!

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23% of females bearing a tattoo, compared to 19% of men

I always knew women weren't as smart as men. Now there is proof.

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I thought of getting a tattoo years ago, but went for a belly button piercing instead. 20 years on and I still love it. I had my latest stone hand-made (its an oval garnet in white gold) and it still looks lovely. Even after 3 pregnancies my waist is still 24 inches so fine for now - but might be a little less attractive 10 years from now when Im nudging on 50 and everything is spreading out a bit more!

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