World War II internees in U.S. finally get school graduation


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Congratulations! I know of many Japanese in Japan who wish they could have finished school as well but were, by circumstances, forced to work to support their families after the war.

I am glad to see that this couple realized their dream!

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"Roughly 120,000 Japanese Americans were incarcerated at 10 relocation camps after the Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor." What a shameful part of our history this was. Let's vow never to repeat it.

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Beautiful family and a beautiful story!

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This is great and you can see the incredible joy. Well done!

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Congratulations to the young couple ! Very touching story !

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My grandma got to come to my graduation,” Kayla Kaihara said, “and I told her, ‘Now, I get to come to yours.’

That made me choke, what a wonderful family. Congrats to the couple! I hope they have many years more to enjoy their diplomas.

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Congratulations to these two (and all the other grads, too)!! It is a great shame that they were so wrongfully interned, and I am glad the governments like the US and Canada have made formal and official apologies (something the Japanese government could learn from), and they could not only attend a ceremony that they should have been a part of ages ago, but got a standing ovation to boot.

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