World’s first Monster Slider coming to Japan in July

By Oona McGee, RocketNews24

There’s no better place to escape the stifling humidity of a Japanese summer than at a water-filled fun park. This year, families will be heading to Shibamasa World in Fukui Prefecture, the country’s largest theme park facing the Japan Sea, to try out a brand new ride the world has never seen before: the Monster Slider. Combining a variety of slide elements into one exciting experience, the Monster Slider starts with a gentle conveyor belt ramp that takes riders up to the top of the structure in inflatable rafts that seat up to six passengers. Riders will then hurtle through an illuminated seven-colour “rainbow zone” (photo below).

Then it’s on to the gigantic 30-meter tall funnel, which promises to whirl people around and around before sucking them down into the final finish.

The ride ends with a three-metre fast slide into the pool below. The size of the people in relation to the slide is what gives the ride its “monster” title.

Open from July 2 to September 25, the gigantic slide can be enjoyed as many times as you like once you’ve paid the theme park’s 500 yen entry fee. It’s the best way to stay cool this summer.

Park Information Shibamasa World/芝政ワールド Address: Fukui-ken, Sakai-shi, Mikunicho, Hamachi 45-1 福井県坂井市三国町浜地45-1 Hours: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (weekdays); 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (weekends) Website

Source, Images: @Press

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The entry fee is Y3700, not Y500.

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Yeah. Escape the stifling humidity by standing in line in stifling humidity for 2 hours to get on a 2-minute ride.

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Not the First in the World; not even a first for Japan....

Simoly googl Water Tornado Slide

2014 in Japan:

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There's no way this is accurate. A 500 yen fee for a water park!? Has hell frozen over? According to kaynide's link, the ride there is 500 yen on TOP of the entrance fee EVERY TIMEyou ride. Ridiculous, but more realistic.

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Mocheake, yeah, before attempting to enter some water so packed you can only stand up in it and get sunburnt. Far cooler at home with an air-con on, or in a department store.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Sorry for spelling mistakes... Big fingers on a little phone keypad..

Anyway, the link above is for a different park entirely. Was more to illustrate there is something fishy in the above article.

The article feels very much like it is saying "we are the biggest water park in Japan! (....which faces the Japan inland sea...)". Or "This is the first monster slide in Japan! (...which combines certain common elements in a diffeent and therefore new way...)"

Just...all seems fishy.

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Anyone savvy to their tat policy?

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Well into summer now and hardly stifling humidity. And apart from a few days it hardly ever is. Might be hot in the concrete sun trap without greenery that is a Japanese city but in most similar places in the world we could dress accordingly.

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If you're a bit older, and have had some low back issues, that final toss into the pool on your back may be a bigger surprise than you're ready for. Happened to me in a small slide in Costa Rica. Instead of it feeling like a splash, it felt like a baseball bat. And having that level of pain while landing in water can make it a harrowing experience just getting to the edge of the pool. And fifteen years later, I remember it like yesterday.

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Already rode something very similar like this before

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I also think I have seen a similar thing before in a Japanese Ad.

Looks like fun but I prefer my Pool at our Muncipial Sports Centre, not as crowded and costs 200yen per head, got both indoor and outdoor Pools.

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A slider is either a baseball pitch or a sandwich. This is a slide. Okay? Want to use English? The use English. No more Japlish please.

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