Young South Koreans drive shift in attitudes to Japan

By Hyonhee Shin, Minwoo Park and Heekyong Yang

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For once, let's hope the youth can convince their elders.

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The only friction I see are caused by the elders forcing their agenda on the youth.

Once they cut the crap, we can all move on in a positive direction.

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Similar in Japan, youth love Korean trends. Sadly their lack of representation in greater media and government is widely ignored.

Kids won’t blame others for their issues until their elders tell them too. Thankfully those elders are starting to go away more and more.

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Let's be honest: this is not a new thing. We always knew this. It's been the case for quite some time now. Young Koreans consume lots of anime and games from Japan. Many of them take trips here. Some even move here for jobs because over there they only have like four companies to choose from.

Moon Jae-In was briefly able to harness anti-Japanese sentiment so he could distract his people from what an utterly atrocious leader he was. He always hated Abe and never wanted to work with him, thus there was no chemistry in that relationship; just a total mismatch.

That's not the case anymore and thankfully relations between the two countries are returning to normal.

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Wish the youngsters ran both these countries. There'd be peace and a lot more vitality between the two.

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Only insecure people care what others think,like lots of people think it cool to criticize America,you are just wasting your time ,trying look cool in America clothes

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