Model's documentary exposes fashion's darker side


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If it's in english (or subbed), I'd be interested in seeing this movie. I hope that it comes to Tokyo!

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ohhhh, the sadness !!!! Maybe a homeless man can write a more sad life about him hunting for food in the trash. Crappy movie !!! Life of a drama Queen.

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Honestly, who cares about young women making heaps of money doing absolutely nothing for it then whinging about the "dark side". Please!!

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Sounds boring & just another person trying to make $ by selling their story, but this story is a story we all already know.

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Congrats to her on graduating from Columbia U. Great way to use that money. Many have done worse.

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"Discovered at age 14 outside her Manhattan school, ... She and her boyfriend, a film school graduate, "

I have tried to find a different way to read this, but I can't. She was a 14 year old girl with a 24 year old "boyfriend". I think her book exposes a lot about the people she runs with. Like the fact that a lot of them should be wearing ankle tags.

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She was a 14 year old girl with a 24 year old "boyfriend". Klein2, the key word is "she WAS 14"- rigth about in 1997. at present time she is her late 20

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I have tried to find a different way to read this, but I can't.

How about, she was discovered when she was 14. (Then you read the article and discover) Now, she is 28 and her boyfriend is 35. So, if she has had the same boyfriend since she was 14, he would have been 21. IF she had the same boyfriend - which I doubt. And what is this about:

I think her book exposes

This article is about a movie they made.

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She's spent over $120k for a B.A. in Poli Sci. Good luck.

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Politics is one of the most dangerous domains to mingle in (Illuminati), there are many unreported events they want people to remain ignorant about. Media would be the other place they would want to control, but given the state of most people on this site, there's no need. I could recommend escaping to Islam, but people are more afraid of Islam than they are of corrupt politicians and powerful businessmen. They want you to think you came from monkies. Peace.

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The article she wanted to whistleblow is right here. Except that probably noone on this site seems to care. The implications on if we were immortal are kind of big though.

Google "androgyny-the-weaponisation-of-gender.html"

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Maybe a homeless man can write a more sad life about him hunting for food in the trash. Crappy movie !!! Life of a drama Queen.

And the irony is that the homeless guy digging through the trash probably eats better than the poor models who have to starve to stay in their jobs ...

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Googled the gal. She's thin, but seems healthy. Has a fresh, approachable look. Has a personality. Doesn't do the "Heroin addict/waif" thing too much. Good for her!

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I'd like to see this.

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I dabbled in the modelling industry a lo time ago when I was abut 20/21. I got out pretty damned quick. My hide wasn`t nearly thick enough to deal with it. I was not so desperate to call myself a "model" that I would let people speak to me like that, treat me like that, and make me feel like that. No pay check is worth that much.

There are many girls that come into the industry starry-eyed at being "discovered", and before you know it they are being manipulated, pressured, morphed into whatever the current trend says they should be. You have to have balls of steel to get through it unscathed, and most of them dont. Theyre not even old enough to know how to deal with it, and suddenly being whisked away from their families to strange exotic destinations with alcohol, drugs and sex readily available. They are the unknowns, the "fresh meat" desperately wanting to make it and become a "name" in the most competitive industry in the world.

No thank you.

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bulemia, drugs, sex, sekuhara, body-image problems= the fashion industry.

one question:

is there anybody out there who didn't know this?

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gud question sourpuss, but i guess, for me i would like to see it on camera rather than just hearing about it. Hot models, sex, drugs maybe even rock'n roll ;)

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hah! you have a point!

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Yeah. sad girl. Exactly. so what is your point? I guess if it was the same guy she is dating now,then 14-21 makes sense. But he graduated from film school by the time he was taking pictures?

Either way, it's creepy. If there was any sexual contact, this guy needs an ankle bracelet.

"I dabbled in the modelling industry a lo time ago when I was abut 20/21."

Me too. I was impressed by the overwhelmingly stupid people involved.

"the most competitive industry in the world."

Ha! I cannot imagine how that might be true in any sense. In terms of competition, it is oligopoly dominated by off-the-books transactions and corruption. In terms of "talent" there really isn't any. I guess if you are saying there are 500 applicants for some job, well that is not really the case either, is it? This sounds like some pretty tall hyperbole.

No borscht. I read it. The only way your account would make sense is if the HE in the first three paragraphs are different people. And they aren't. Read it again.

DISCOVERED at 14 (so she was taking pictures then)... She and her boyfriend STARTED (she was 14 with boyfriend... they are called a COUPLE)...The couple's hobby bloomed (uh huh, and then)...the couple's documentary.

So there it is. Same guy. I can't figure out how he graduated from film school by 21, but if he didn't, then his film school classmates and teachers spent a lot of time looking at pictures of 14 year olds.

Parents just hand their kids over to pedophiles.

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