New edition of iconic book about NYC comes out


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And even in this digital age, with a universe of information at one’s fingertips, it offers something that an Internet search can’t, he said.

Yeah. It offers two pounds of bulk and 10 minutes of heat if The Day After Tomorrow really comes. Nothing beats the Internet. NOTHING.

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well said laguna: nothing beats the internet

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The internet beats us. And New York City beats all others in terms of, well, everything.

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One comment of the World Trade Center shame . WoW Obama time in the city , apartment Hmmm did it mention he shared wih Bill Ayres (cop killer & bomber radical ), smoking weed & doing blow ( facts admitted by him ).,,WORK HAHAHA NOT Phycial labor . getting hands dirty , wouldn't be able to serve coffe at Starbucks , Ahaa Columbia University one of the most liberal in the USA , well lets change history. Bloomberg , don't kn who wins the prize for the worst person to be in a leadership position ( obama will go down as the worst Pres. Bloomy as Mayor ), As guessed I'm former NYC resident . not looking 4 replies , no head-banging here . U kn Toyko . me the City

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NYers wouldn't had re-elected Bloomberg (even as an independent, former Republican) as mayor if they think he's the worst. NYers are liberal folk.

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