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'Sitting cat pose' bags get cuter as you pack them full

By Big Neko, grape Japan

Japanese online goods retailer Felissimo has racked up quite the list of cute but curious cat related products, including a fruit tart shaped cat bed and pen stands modeled after cats cuddling up to you for scratches. Their latest release is one feline fans may not be able to resist carrying by hand, however, as it gives them a series of super round "sitting cat pose" bags to cling to.

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 9.03.58.png

The bag has a pull string that "rounds out" the cat as you tie it tighter (added chubby cat aesthetic if you fill the bag to the brim) to imitate a cat sitting down and curling it's tail. They come in four different patterns (tabby, black and white mask, calico, and silver tabby), and as you can see, they look just as cute from behind.

Felissimo says the pouch bags are soft to touch, and recommend carrying soft items such as handkerchiefs to make them as cat-like as possible.

The super round sitting cat bags are available on both Felissimo's Japanese and international order online shops for 2,478 yen in a set of four with one delivered monthly. As with all of Felissimo's Cat Club items, a portion of the purchase goes toward their fund to help strays and cats affected by natural disaster.

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black and white mask♡

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